Design with purpose: UI & UX track at Adobe MAX takes you from intro to impact

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Design is most impactful when it’s used to solve real world challenges. Experience design is fueled by deep empathy for your audience, the tools to make a difference and your creativity. At Adobe MAX, our UI and UX track is full of workshops and sessions where leaders in experience design will share their secrets for developing life-changing solutions — plus, practical tips and tricks for XD designers at any level.

Whether you’re new to UX, an experienced UX designer or a student, these sessions and labs will guide you to the future of experience-driven design with advice, skills and best practices. We curated the track specifically for UX designers, UI designers, product designers, mobile app designers, web designers, developers, interactive designers and creative directors.

In this track, you’ll learn all about responsive design, auto-animation and voice control for immersive user experiences. See how to quickly design and mock-up layouts, add objects, symbols and navigation. Create reusable components and wire up multiple artboards for interactive prototypes. Discover the power of sharing and collaboration with design specs and systems plus learn how to customize XD with plugins and integrations that automate work and connect you to powerful web services.

Whether you’re new to UX or an experienced UX designer, you’ll find a variety of sessions in the UI and UX track to help you enhance your skills. So, make sure to register for MAX, then start building your schedule. Here are five sessions to get you started:

Getting Started with Adobe XD — Howard Pinsky, Senior Evangelist, Adobe XD, Adobe

If you’ve just dipped your toes into Adobe XD or are about to test the water, this introductory session will leave you comfortably swimming in the deep end and wanting to somersault off the diving board. Join Howard Pinsky, senior XD evangelist, as he teaches you the entry-level steps of designing and prototyping your first UI/UX design and offers you a look at all the new features in XD.

You’ll learn how to:

Fundamentals in Voice and Audio Design with Adobe XD — Susse Sønderby Jensen, Senior Experience Designer for Voice Design Tools, Adobe XD, Adobe

Learn how UI/UX designers can use Adobe XD to design and prototype voice- and audio-enabled experiences. Susse Sønderby Jensen, senior experience designer focused on voice design tools in Adobe XD, will explore the basic principles behind voice and audio design and provide you with a fundamental understanding of how best to create digital experiences for “beyond the screen.”

Join Jensen in this fascinating session, and discover how to:

Making Innovation Accessible and Designing Inclusive Experiences — Cat Noone, CEO and Product Designer, Stark and Mrudula Peddinti, Branding Director, Limbitless Solutions

Join Cat Noone, product designer and CEO of Stark, and Mrudula Peddinti, branding director at Limbitless Solutions, to learn how these companies are working to make the world’s most innovative products accessible to all, from designing for color blindness to creating an inclusive experience for children with limb differences who are receiving prosthetics.

As Peddinti and Noone each discuss their company’s approaches and solutions for accessibility, you’ll discover:

UX Design Collaboration: Working Remotely, Together —Ozzie Gundy, UX Design Manager, Penske Transportation Solutions

We used to work in a highly collaborative office space, where a random glance at another designer’s display could spark a powerful conversation and take the design in a whole new direction. But what happens when you remove the office from the equation? How do you keep that creative energy flowing when the whiteboards are gone? Join Ozzie Gundy, UX design manager at Penske Transportation Solutions, to learn how Penske evolved their design collaboration in what feels like the eternal year of 2020.

As Gundy shares insights into how Penske adapted to a remote working environment, you’ll discover:

These sessions range from introductory levels to advanced applications of UX design and are sure to inspire you to evolve the impact of your design — or the way you approach it altogether. They’re just a few of the UI & UX track offerings. Find more sessions in this track and others here. All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after MAX.

If you haven’t registered for MAX yet, there’s still time, but not for long! Register now.