InDesign 2020 release: Get to “done” 3x faster with enhanced Share for Review feature

Screenshot of InDesign Image source: Shanti Sparrow.

This year’s major release of Adobe InDesign is all about bringing more efficiency to your creative workflows, so you can do what you do best — faster. We’ve focused on delivering features that enhance collaboration and enable even more control. Read on to learn about everything new in InDesign.

Collaborate 3x faster with enhanced Share for Review feature

Text annotation tools now available.

Design is a collaborative activity, whether you are a freelance designer or work in-house for a big company. A lot of our time is spent soliciting, receiving, consolidating, and addressing feedback. The unfortunate truth is, the more time spent going back and forth between InDesign, emails, PDF markup tools, etc., the less time we can spend actually designing.

In June, we introduced Share for Review, a milestone collaboration feature that enables designers to share their designs to the web for stakeholder review and then manage feedback right in the app. Today, we are launching an expanded set of annotation tools. Stakeholders will now be able to markup text on their reviews to provide more contextual feedback. Annotations include the ability to highlight text, strike through text, and suggest replacement text. These annotations will show up on the canvas within InDesign, so designers can easily make changes based on the feedback. Try Share for Review today to work 3x faster in a team of two(one designer and one reviewer), and 6x faster in a team of four(one designer and three reviewers).

We will continue to expand the suite of collaboration tools in future releases, and would love you to try it and share your thoughts on User Voice. Your feedback has been invaluable as we continue to iterate features and fine-tune functionalities.

Collaboration tools.

Image source: Shanti Sparrow.

Limitless control

Enhancements that bring precision and productivity to your workflow.

Whether you are making a poster, creating a book, or building a technical document, InDesign offers a rich set of features that lets you control all aspects of your designs, so you can confidently create production-quality pieces of any type. In this release, we are rolling out new ways to control and manage your InDesign projects.

Locate color

We know it could be time consuming to change colors in a document when you needed to (for example, when you have a new brand identity or when a color is just no longer trendy). That is why we have now updated Find/Change in InDesign – you will now be able to locate and replace colors the same way you would text, finding and replacing colors used in any object type. This eliminates the painful process of hunting down colors, and means you will have an easier time driving brand consistency through correct color use (not to mention you will be able to further control printing costs by ensuring color accuracy in print files).

Subject-aware text wrapping

Text wrapping has always been one of InDesign’s most popular features when it comes to editorial design. This feature has just gotten a whole lot smarter with the power of Adobe Sensei. New subject-aware text wrapping introduces “subject detection” capabilities into the existing text wrap feature, so you will now be able to wrap text around a specific subject within an image.

This means you’re no longer limited to the image frame or forced to use other apps to get this effect. This creates a simple, streamlined workflow within InDesign for working with text as a design element.

HSB support

You will now have the option to input HSB (hue, saturation, brightness) values anywhere you select colors. This means you will now be able to work in more color modes without having to convert values.

Image of HSB Color Space View.

Adobe Fonts auto-activation

Say goodbye to messages about missing fonts. InDesign now automatically finds and activates all available Adobe Fonts.

A variety of type designs.

Stability enhancements

And, last but not least in our list of updates, this release of InDesign introduces a number of under-the-hood improvements. These enhancements include more than 40 fixes that have been made based on user feedback.

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