Go paperless in the workplace with Acrobat online PDF tools

Work is stressful enough without unsightly clutter on your desk. Adobe Acrobat can help you go paperless.

Go paperless with online PDF tools

Most offices wrestle with an all-too-common problem: What to do with all the paper? It piles up on desks and gets crammed into folders, creating unsightly clutter and organizational chaos. Even with a good file management system, the clutter and sheer volume of paper files make it much too easy for important documents to be misplaced, lost, or even stolen. Your workday is stressful enough without having to wrangle reams of paper around the office. If you’re ready to save the planet and your sanity, Adobe Acrobat is here to help.

Adobe Document Cloud offerings can help make going paperless as smooth as possible. Adobe Scan is a simple yet powerful mobile application for digitizing paper documents and reducing waste. Once you’ve started the digitization process, Acrobat online PDF tools can help you manage your new digital documents. You can give these tools a try in any browser to reduce paper use and increase your workplace efficiency:

The benefits of going paperless

With simple and affordable digitization tools available, there’s no good reason to put off going paperless. On the contrary, there are many good reasons to make the transition as soon as possible.

Tips for transitioning to a paperless office

Making the transition to a paperless office is more complicated than digitizing all of your existing documents, however. In order to become a truly paperless organization, you need to put in place tools and systems to ensure that paperless work and collaboration is simple, effective, and enjoyable.

Are you ready to take your workplace completely into the digital realm? If so, sign up for a free seven-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (then US$14.99/mo) for unlimited access to PDF and e-signing tools that can make the transition to paperless as easy and painless as possible.