Adobe named to Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021

Fast Company recognized Adobe on its list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021 based on our work with “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

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For nearly 40 years, Adobe has been all about continuous reinvention and innovation. We are constantly looking around the corner — whether it’s Adobe’s own digital transformation or how we engage with our customers and partners — as innovation is engrained in our culture. We push ourselves to explore the state-of-the-art and find new solutions to problems that will delight our customers, as we empower our employees to be curious and reimagine the future of digital experiences.

We’re proud to once again be recognized by Fast Company on its annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies (MIC) for our disruptive work in “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) to enhance the creation and delivery of digital experiences.

As one of the 10 most innovative companies in AI “for bringing computing intelligence to the camera viewfinder” with Adobe Photoshop Camera, Fast Company said:

In June 2020, Adobe launched Photoshop Camera, an app that brings the company’s expertise in computationally enhanced photography to the viewfinder. The app is built on top of Adobe Sensei, the company’s machine-learning platform, and automatically adjusts a photo when you take it to bring out its best qualities. In addition, the app enables you to layer hundreds of filters and lenses on top of your images in real time — saving you the trouble of painstakingly pushing pixels around in Photoshop. Since launch, the app has been downloaded nearly 3 million times, and users have downloaded more than 3.5 million lenses.

According to Fast Company, the MIC list for 2021 honors “…the businesses that have not only found a way to be resilient in the past year, but also turned those challenges into impact-making processes. These companies did more than survive, they thrived — making an impact on their industries and culture as a whole. This year’s MIC list features 463 businesses from 29 countries.”

From enhancing creative expression to accelerating tasks and workflows, and delivering personalized experiences, Adobe Sensei — our AI and machine learning technology — is powering hundreds of capabilities across Adobe’s products. Other recent AI-driven innovations include:

Coming off last year, where Fast Company named Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis as one of the “Most Creative People in Business of 2020” and the Adobe Research team as an “Innovative Team of the Year,” we’re humbled to see Adobe featured among other companies on the MIC list that “exemplify the best in nimble business and impactful innovation.”

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, the companies on this list exhibit fearlessness, ingenuity, and creativity in the face of crisis,” said Fast Company Deputy Editor David Lidsky.

As Abhay has said, “AI is one of the most disruptive technology vectors for the next decade and beyond. Our fundamental belief is that AI done right will amplify human creativity and intelligence — not replace it. Adobe Sensei empowers people and businesses to create and innovate in new and exciting ways by eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks and improving efficiency and productivity.”

With emerging technologies like AI, immersive media (AR/VR), natural language processing (NLP) and more gaining adoption across industries, the future of digital experiences looks bright. We’re doubling down on our innovation efforts with exciting milestones planned this year around democratizing creativity, driving next-generation marketing, advancing the digital economy, and more.

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