Inspiring innovation through Digital Document Productivity at Adobe Summit

At Adobe Summit, the Digital Document Productivity Track shows how to increase productivity across hybrid work environments and explore how your business can promote sustainability.

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Having globally dispersed remote employees has caused businesses to rethink just about everything related to their workflows and processes. Despite how or where we work in the future, the long-term value of digitally transforming document workflows equates to increased productivity, scale, and security. The Digital Document Productivity sessions at Summit highlight case studies from cutting-edge brands across different industries and functions of business. From the customer experience of signing a contract for a car to digitizing internal business processes, these customers have changed the way they work — and they haven’t looked back.

Tune into the Digital Document Productivity Track at Adobe Summit to learn how to increase productivity, across hybrid work environments, reimagine frictionless digital document workflows and explore how your business can promote sustainability. Adobe Document Cloud tools are here to inspire you to become even more productive and collaborative in this new world order.

When you are ready for hands-on training with the tools, these training workshops will help you learn how to get the most out of using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign in your workflows.

Check out these sessions you won’t want to miss:

S801 — An Experience-First Strategy Customers Can Bank On

Banks are increasingly shifting to digital, moving services online and giving customers access to an always-on banking experience. But branches remain an important part of the customer experience. Mike Gamble, director of analysis and design at London-based TSB Bank, talks about creating seamless customer journeys and streamlining everyday customer interactions offline and online.

In the session, Mike Gamble discusses:

S802 — AbbVie Digitally Transforms with Adobe Sign

Implementing a digital solution in a heavily regulated industry has its challenges. But with a small team, AbbVie was able to successfully deploy Adobe Sign across the enterprise, confronting paper-to-digital hurdles along the way. Lori Crane, senior manager for R&D quality documentation management at AbbVie, shares her transformation.

In this session:

Privacy regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, request a correct collection and tracing of customer consent information. This requirement has a legal aspect but also a very important CRM value. The required information should be smoothly integrated with the CRM system to provide customers a simple and environmentally friendly way to sign documents, such as consent forms, where and whenever they want. All this has been made possible with the integration of CRM@Porsche with Adobe Sign.

Massimo Frazzetta, IT CRM project manager at Porsche AG, shares how using Adobe Sign highly improves the quality and efficiency in the digital consent process, making it possible to:

S804 — Empowering Customers to Buy on Their Terms: E-sign at CarMax

As the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, CarMax sells over 800,000 every year. The organization recently completed a true omnichannel transformation of its customer purchase experience by leveraging Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign to deliver 100% digital documents to customers. Customers can now complete the end-to-end purchase process on their terms: in advance or at time of delivery, in store or at their house, or any combination that works for them.

In this session, Jason Farneth, product manager at CarMax, discusses key elements of digital contract transformation in the automotive industry:

S805 — Airbus Accelerates HR Processes Through Digitalization

Ensuring continuity of business workflows is critical, which was heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. HR departments are no exception, and companies today must offer the best possible experiences to their employees, regardless of channel. Antoine Durand, HR Workday architect and documents product manager at Airbus, talks about digitalizing critical HR processes using Adobe Sign integrated with Workday to accelerate document workflows securely and increase internal customer satisfaction at Airbus.

Get insights on:

S806 — Digital Modernization: Taking Innovation to New Heights

Public sector organizations are drowning in paper and form processes that still require wet signatures, which is inefficient, expensive, and contributes to a poor customer experience (CX). The 21st Century IDEA (Integrated Digital Experience Act), when followed, improves the digital experience for customers and employees. Join this dynamic session to hear the speaker’s personal views on leaning into advancements in digital modernization that propel innovation to new heights. Come away with considerations for effective outcomes when digitizing paper-based forms, applying efficient approval workflows, and integrating electronic signatures in your agency or organization.

In this session:

S807 — Transforming Public Service Through Digital Policing

Technology plays a critical role in transforming law enforcement to improve the ways that police interact with and protect the public. The Police ICT Company of the United Kingdom partners with Adobe to help police forces work remotely, solve more crimes, and save time and money – all securely. Leveraging the Adobe Document Cloud platform, including Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat, Police ICT’s new digital workflows have basically eliminated statement-related paper administration to more effectively solve crimes, reduce face-to-face contact, and meet security standards in a heavily regulated industry.

Ian Bell, CEO at the Police ICT Company, shares how they made the digital document transformation leap to: