How digital workflows and e-signatures are improving customer experiences at StarHub

Man on a phone with the skyline of Singapore in the backgroung.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Travel Man.

Consumers today rely on technology to support many of their everyday activities. Mobile phones, broadband internet, pay television, and streaming services are found in households worldwide. In parts of Asia, reliance on technology often outpaces the rest of the world. In Singapore in particular, millions of people use StarHub for top-notch services to keep them always connected.

StarHub has grown dramatically since its inception due to its strong focus on building an exceptional company culture, which in turn drives positive customer experiences. The company focuses on strategies built around sustainability, social responsibility, inclusion, and enriching customers’ lives. Customer satisfaction levels increase every year as StarHub promotes customer-centric policies company-wide.

A commitment to digital transformation is part of the push to put customers first. Convenient digital billing systems, customer recommendations powered by artificial intelligence, and customer service supported by robotic automation have all been implemented in recent years to become truly customer-centric.

The latest tool supporting StarHub’s digital transformation is the company’s move to paperless workflows. Using Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Acrobat Sign, the company is making contracts and service agreements easier to use than ever before by improving speed, accuracy, ease, and security.


With Acrobat Sign, StarHub now adds e-signature capabilities to all customer-facing agreements. Customers can sign from their smartphone with just a few clicks — no need to download an app, sign up for a new login, or remember a password. Even enterprise agreements can be completed quickly with agreements automatically forwarded to each signer. There’s no need to wait for couriers to deliver paper documents from one office to another. Agreements are signed much faster, which means enterprise customers can start using their StarHub services quickly.


When consumers walk into StarHub retail stores, they want to walk out with their new phone or service as quickly as possible. Using Adobe Acrobat fillable PDF forms, completing service contracts has never been easier. Consumers type in their information onto a tablet and even sign electronically. When contracts are done, retail associates can submit paperwork with just a few clicks. It is that easy.


Acrobat Sign saves audit trails for every transaction. Users can see who viewed the documents and when they signed them, along with identifying information such as IP address and email associated with each signature. Once the agreements are signed, they are stored as PDF files with a certification badge that indicates that a document has not been tampered with. These steps give StarHub and its customers the assurance that all agreements are safe and highly secure.

Adobe Document Cloud is more secure, intuitive, and saves time for us and our customers,” says Kee Yaw Yee, chief information officer at StarHub. “We will not go back to paper. Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Acrobat DC are the new way forward to improve digital workflows and customer experiences, while protecting our environment.”

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