Why Adobe? Three new hires share what drew them to Adobe Japan

Adobe Japan new hire, Minato Goto

It’s an exciting time when new graduates join Adobe. Many are eager to make an impact and shape their career journeys, and we work hard to develop their skills and nurture their growth. For these three new graduate hires who just started on our sales team at Adobe Japan, we asked them what drew them to the company and what they are most excited to get started on. Here’s what they said.

Minato Goto

Adobe Japan new hire, Minato Goto

With a background in baseball, Goto honed his analytical skills by studying other teams and developing winning strategies. On why he joined the Adobe team, he was candid in saying, “I believe that digital experiences can increase the quality of life for many people. With Adobe’s creative products we are enabling everyone to create, and I’m excited by that mission. I’m confident that my success story will begin with Adobe and I’m committed to becoming a pioneer in this business.”

Suzuka Kondo

Adobe Japan new hire, Suzuka Kondo

With a background in pharmaceutical studies, a career at Adobe doesn’t seem like it would be the norm. But there are many pathways here, and Kondo’s journey is no different. With her passion in analytics and research, Kondo’s skills have enabled her to understand data and find solutions.

“I love that sales allows me to be involved in the growth and success of a company. My first experience in a sales role was back in 2019. My analysis of our customers and partners allowed me to put together a strategy that helped me exceed my sales goal. It was so fulfilling and that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue this line of work. Adobe has such a unique business that allows for a diversified portfolio of customers, so I knew I would be able to make an impact here and solve challenging problems.”

Honoka Sato

Adobe Japan new hire, Honoka Sato

For Sato, the endless possibilities and impact of digital media on the world is exactly what drew her to Adobe. With her passion for digital media and design, Adobe was a perfect fit for her.

“Adobe is a pioneer in the field of creativity and digital media. I use our creative products, and I’m always amazed by how these tools go beyond my needs and foster innovation. Not only that, but the company’s wide range of customers—from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises—is truly unique. With Adobe’s leadership in both digital media and digital marketing, I’m excited to work with customers from all walks of life.”