Announcing the 2021-2022 Creative Residents

Red background with purple, yellow and violet geometric shapes with the words "Adobe Creative Residency" placed in the center in white letters.

We started the Creative Residency, six years ago, to offer creative professionals starting their career access to the best tools and resources along with guidance from advisors and a compensation package. In return, Residents proactively pursue their own personal projects while sharing their process, insights, and inspirations with the community along the way. Since the program launched in 2015, it has evolved from two Residents in the first year to, in 2020, supporting over 500 creators from across the globe, in tandem with our monthly Community Fund.

It is my pleasure to announce our two new annual Residents for 2021-2022: Digital Storyteller and Video Producer Hallease Narvaez and Multimedia Artist and Mixed Reality (XR) Engineer Tanya Gupta. In addition, I am thrilled to welcome two additional Residents who will be spending 3 months with us: YouTuber and Content Creator Shirin Nahvi and Experience Designer Shea Rhim.

I got to meet with these residents, and learned about their passion for creativity and about how each of them will be using their Residency:

Welcome Hallease, Tanya, Shirin and Shea! Thank you for sharing the inspiring stories about your journey thus far. I cannot wait to see all you accomplish during your Residency with Adobe.

To learn more about the Residency programs, please visit here.