How mobile measurement can benefit your brand

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Attribution is pivotal in creating a successful mobile marketing strategy. Actionable data and insights are key for marketers looking to improve how they manage data sets and make decisions — both of which can be solved through attribution.

Attribution is essentially matching two data points with one another. This can be ad spend to user engagement or an install. This enables marketers to see where their users are coming from by identifying whether a user installs an app after seeing an ad — and then providing insights of how that user behaves once they have installed it.

What do attribution providers do?

Mobile app attribution helps advertisers and marketers understand individual users. It enables them to identify relevant audiences, identify groups that do (or do not) respond to ads or promotions, and determine how they behave in-app by tracking key events such as sessions, in-app purchases or level ups. In-app events are integral to understanding and further refining the user experience.

Adjust is a mobile measurement partner (MMP) which means that it provides attribution services to any advertiser that incorporates paid marketing strategies for their apps. As an MMP, our job at Adjust is to attribute mobile install and post-install events to a source.

You might ask why a third party should be involved at all - shouldn’t this just exist between the advertiser and the ad publisher? Here’s how it all works.

Why an MMP is critical

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If there is no one between the ad network and the advertiser, then the network would control the ads and also define their performance. Imagine allowing students to grade their own homework – things could get problematic. Attribution providers are not only reliable data warehouses, but also trusted partners in the ad ecosystem that maintain the status quo.

Why attribution matters

To grow your mobile app, marketers need to pinpoint exactly how their campaigns are performing. The process of aggregating campaign results can be quite laborious. Add in aspects like fraud and you can see all the ways in which this can be a drain on resources. It is a huge problem if you are a marketer that doesn’t know what is working and what is not.

MMPs help marketers grow their mobile apps with solutions for measuring and optimizing campaigns and protecting user data. This is particularly useful for marketers as it allows them to understand exactly what motivates their users. Marketers also get insights into their customers’ lifecycle and can identify high lifetime value (LTV) users.

It’s better to work smarter, not harder. That’s why MMPs make it much easier to measure ad performance and find which ads are performing the best. This way marketers can get back to marketing and make better informed creative decisions.

Taking control of mobile marketing to reach your goals

Having a mobile measurement partner helps you to:

How Adjust works with Adobe

Adjust attribution data works seamlessly with Adobe allowing you to view and mix with other datasets. Adjust also enables Adobe customers to add mobile and CTV data points. By combining data collected from additional touchpoints available in Adobe, customers are able to get a complete view of their user’s journey across all marketing channels. All of Adjust’s features are available through a single platform with unrestricted access. This makes it easier for clients to get back to what they do best — focusing on campaigns and growth.