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Colorful abstract art for Adobe Max.

Don’t miss your chance to win a MAX 2021 t-shirt. Register for MAX for free by October 15th and opt-in for the chance to win one of 45,000 shirts, featuring designs created by the CoCreate: MAX teams.

Adobe CoCreate pairs creators from around the world with highly-visible paid opportunities. It’s one of the ways we empower and amplify diverse and emerging creative talent. CoCreate: MAX recruits creatives across disciplines for paid gigs to help bring MAX to life.

Winners will be notified via email with instructions to redeem and select a t-shirt from several custom designs.

A bit more about the featured artists. These CoCreators were chosen for their unique styles, diversity, and global representation.

Nina Sefcik

Nina Sefcik is an illustrator & designer living in Spain. Known for her quirky style and passion for the marine world, Nina collaborates with advertising agencies, editorials and local communities. Her work consciously contributes to environmental protection, celebrating local culture and education.

T-shirt designed by Nina Sefcik.

Candice Long

Candice Long is a French graphic designer. Little by little, she specialized in illustration. She likes to work on color and introduce nature into her compositions. Through her illustrations, Candice tries to represent the world as she sees it, in all its diversity, full of form and colors.

T-shirt designed by Candice Long.

Naandeyé García Villegas

Naandeyé García Villegas is an art director and illustrator who studied in Mexico and Spain. She has received multiple awards including Grand winner of the San Diego Latino Film Festival poster contest, Grand winner of the International Reggae Poster Contest, Golden Prix, and Virtual Biennale Prague, among others.

T-shirt designed by Naandeyé Garcia Villegas.

Kalani Lindsey

Kalani Lindsey was bitten by a radioactive pencil while living with his Aunt June. Kalani is Atlanta-based, a connoisseur of ramen and Korean BBQ, and a fan of anime, Japanese art, and tattoos. Kalani is an illustrator in video games with aspirations to become a super villain that uses puns.

T-shirt designed by Kelani Lindsey.

Osaze Amadasun

Osaze Amadasun is an illustrator and designer currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. His works cut across drawing, painting, illustration and graphic design. Osaze has a keen interest in documenting and storytelling through his art and his works reflect the diverse culture of his environment.

T-shirt designed by Osaze Amadaun

Muhammed Sajid

Muhammed Sajid is an artist from Kerala, India. The things he imagines in his head don’t exist and aren’t real, so he is compelled to create them the best way that he sees them. Muhammed explores multiple styles, incorporating natural elements, cultural inspirations, architectural elements, and some surrealness in his art.

T-shirt designed by Mahummed Sajid.

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