Level up with professional certifications for Adobe Creative Cloud

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A strong portfolio is critical for making moves in creative industries. But does yours tell the full story of what you have to offer?

One way to stand out to employers and clients is to showcase not only your design sense and artistic ability, but also the practical skills and knowledge that allow you to be successful on the job.

With this in mind, Adobe is proud to partner with Certiport to deliver Adobe Certified Professional certifications for Creative Cloud, and to offer a special, limited-time discount in celebration of Adobe MAX.

Validate your skills

Adobe Certified Professional is an industry-recognized certification that uses cutting-edge, live-in-the-app exams to demonstrate proficiency in Creative Cloud software and foundational knowledge for digital media careers.

The following certifications are currently available online and in test centers around the world:

Each exam is designed in collaboration with industry experts, integrated with an Adobe product, and rigorously tested to ensure a fair and authentic assessment of in-demand skills.

To complete every question and in-app task within 50 minutes, you’ll need to know your stuff. Passing an exam and earning the certification shows that you can work efficiently and effectively with powerful, industry-leading software, and that you understand basic principles of design and project management.

Boost creativity and credibility

Reaching the level of mastery required for certification allows you to bring your ideas to life with greater ease. By appreciating the full power of an Adobe application and getting a firm grasp on its core features and capabilities, you can focus less on navigating the tools and more on executing your vision.

Another key benefit is to show employers and clients that you’re ready to bring their ideas to life. Creative Cloud skills are in demand because organizations need compelling content and on-screen experiences in order to stand out and connect with their audiences. Adobe Certified Professional badges in your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile offer assurance that your creative talent is backed by technical know-how and the drive to work smarter.

After Adobe MAX, turn inspiration into certification

With 400+ sessions featuring creators, luminaries, and product experts, Adobe MAX is an experience designed to fuel creative and career growth. To help build on this momentum, we are excited to announce a special offer for online Adobe Certified Professional exams.

From October 26 to November 8, get 50 percent off when scheduling an exam through Certiport’s new OnVUE platform. Take a test at your convenience and at half the price, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Click here to learn more and to access the promo code.

Following along with MAX content is a great way to learn techniques and best practices that will transform your creative workflows and get you ready for certification. This year, there are two labs that specifically offer tips for exam preparation:

To take your creative career to the next level, register for Adobe MAX 2021 for free and find the industry certification that’s right for you.