Better Customer Experiences For All: Reimagining digital engagement with Adobe Experience Cloud

Collage of individuals.

What is your reaction when you get a “personal” note from a business, and you can tell right away there’s nothing personal about it? Or go through all the steps needed to make a purchase on a website, only to find out the product you selected is out of stock? It’s these experiences that beg the question: how do businesses expect customers to react?

At Adobe, we know the imperative for exceptional digital customer experiences has never been greater. Today we unveiled a comprehensive campaign, “Better Customer Experiences For All,” which includes a series of video advertisements that shine a light on the modern problems many digital businesses face. That’s where Adobe comes in, both as a trusted digital transformation partner and with the benefits that Adobe Experience Cloud offers — from personalization and targeting to campaign orchestration and multi-channel commerce.

Adobe’s “Better Customer Experiences For All” portrays an alternate reality, where customers respond positively to bad customer experiences, including bird lovers, hotel guests, bakery employees, pizza customers and recipients of B2B sales pitches.

“Brands who can deliver the experiences their customers want are the ones leading in today’s digital-first world,” said John Travis, VP brand marketing, Adobe. “Our Better Customer Experiences For All campaign takes a humorous approach to bad customer experiences — we’ve all been there and can relate. Businesses who are embracing digital transformation are equipped to surprise and delight their customers at every touchpoint, they’re the brands thriving today and into the future.”

Companies must adapt quickly to changing consumer expectations, and be authentic and transparent to create personalized engagement with their customers. That means investing in technologies now to build the customer experiences that can grow relationships and reinforce loyalty and trust as customer expectations change.

Adobe empowers companies to digitally transform so they can scale and grow for the future. Now more than ever, delivering on that promise is our focus. Breakthrough customer experiences require creativity, content and data — and Adobe is uniquely positioned to bring them all together with Adobe Experience Cloud to create personalized experiences at scale. To learn more and find out why Adobe is named a Leader in over 40 analyst reports for Customer Experience technology, visit here.

“Better Customer Experiences for All” was produced in partnership with creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The campaign launched during the Ryder Cup, and can be seen across Hulu, NBC Sports, Vizio,, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn and more.