Adobe Experience Manager Sites launching quick site creation features

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Content agility has never been more important for brands in today’s fast-moving digital economy. Consumers expect information in real-time, and brands are forced to push out varying experiences across more channels than ever before. According to Adobe’s Future of Marketing Research Series, marketers feel that they should be personalizing between 50 and 70 percent of owned content but are currently achieving far less. Ultimately, delivering timely and fresh content has become table stakes, whether it’s a simple campaign landing page or an extensive corporate redesign.

Historically, having to work closely with IT teams to create and maintain these experiences has made it cumbersome for brands to rapidly push out new content. Now more than ever, brands find themselves seeking out low- and no-code tools and capabilities that allow various teams within their organization, whether it’s within marketing or IT, to build and publish experiences as necessary.

Quick Site Creation for Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Today, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of new quick site creation features for Adobe Experience Manager Sites, which can help simplify and accelerate how brands deliver compelling experiences to their customers. With this new functionality, marketers can get a jump start on implementing their designs and delivering compelling experiences — such as web pages — without the need for back-end web development, and all within a matter of days. Benefits include:

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Brands can take advantage of pre-configured pages, layouts, and themes to quickly design any experience

Screen shot of Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Accompanying XD design for each site template helps ensure that design teams and front-end developers are working with a single source of truth for experiences.

The new quick site creation feature for Adobe Experience Manager Sites will be generally available in November. For more information about the upcoming feature, check out the “Quick Site Creation” session during Adobe Developers Live.

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