Creating opportunity out of chaos

Power your breakthrough Z.

Change is at the heart of creativity – but what fuels this change? How can we predict it, control it, or even create it? Over the last two years, we’ve watched the world change faster and more dramatically than in any time in modern memory. This radical acceleration is pervasive, but it’s particularly fascinating to view it through the lens of creativity. Today’s creative pros have had to reimagine every facet of their working lives to respond to these seismic shifts: they’ve had to establish new artistic habits, adapt to rapidly evolving expectations and collaborate in entirely new ways — often across time zones or continents. It hasn’t been easy, but in every challenge there lies an opportunity. Few have capitalized on these opportunities better than creators who have leapt fearlessly into the unknown — employing high-performance tech, like VR-ready laptops and high-compute remote solutions — to discover game-changing new skills, work with breathtaking new speed and bravely embrace change, in order to unlock their next great breakthrough.

Powerful technology drives creativity forward

“I think technology is changing the strategies of creativity these days,” says digital craftsman Alex Trochut. “I feel like it’s no longer what a creator can do by themselves, it’s what a creator plus a machine can do.”

Innovation thrives at the intersection of art and technology, and we’re uncovering new trends that reset the boundaries of what it means to be a world-class creator. With increasing demand for 3D, VR and AR content, high-performance technology is transforming artistic workflows. Faster iteration, immersive exploration and engaging collaboration are all possible at lightning fast speeds. Harnessing CPU & GPU power, packed with NVIDIA RTX graphics, gives you the power to create at the speed of your thoughts, without interference from the software, system or interface. In other words, it’s actually when technology gets out of your way that you’re able to push your craft and explore new possibilities.

“My ZBook Studio is very small, but has GPU power, so it’s fast,” Trochut adds. “You don’t get this speed in other laptops.”

Connect, collaborate & create from anywhere

While the pandemic sent shockwaves through countless industries, it’s become clear that creative professionals have been agile, and risen to the challenges COVID has presented. Even more, they’re embracing it. A recent study projects that employees may remain working in multiple locations — in a hybrid model — with 83 percent of respondents saying they prefer it. It appears we’ve entered a new era of remote working models, and it’s here to stay.

But creating the right balance for at-home workflows takes a certain amount of recalibration. The most important requirement is access to powerful and secure technology. Adding conferencing and collaboration to an already packed workflow, even while using multiple programs at once, can cause lags in performance and spotty reliability. Creative pros need computing that’s truly high-performance.

This year, in order to create their short film The Living System, seven Z by HP Ambassadors collaborated across continents and mediums in order to craft a single cohesive work of art. This unique project hinged on the artists being able to collaborate seamlessly, play within their craft separately and kick the tires, together — with seven different workflows powered by the high-performance computing of their Z by HP laptops, desktops and displays.

With The Living System, Jody MacDonald, a professional adventure photographer, worked in the medium of video for the first time. She says, “I constantly learn through collaboration and with the other Ambassadors, through picking up new techniques and learning new software. I flew a drone for the first time and really surprised myself, I worked in video and Premier Pro. I had many breakthroughs during this experience.”

Woman editing images on two screens.

Breaking through into VR

The bizarre downtime of this pandemic offered an unexpected opportunity for creative pros to dabble in the new, to experiment or play with a foreign form or software or tool. It was an unprecedented moment that allowed them to push their craft in ways they’d previously felt too busy (or hesitant) to attempt. And already the benefits are making themselves known.

As a graphic designer and illustrator, Alex Trochut pushed his craft into the world of 3D and VR, stumbling upon breakthrough after breakthrough while working in this new medium. “VR is a very rewarding experience, it’s super fun. It’s very natural to human behavior. I really recommend it for anybody who starts with 3D. You get to craft in a new way versus using just a mouse…working with your hands is a different experience and brings different ideas and possibilities to mind.”

As the industry moves towards more 3D content, programs like Medium by Adobe and Substance are becoming necessary tools that open up possibilities and push creativity beyond its previous limits.

Man playing VR while sitting on a beanbag chair.

Power your breakthrough

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we must embrace change. This is particularly true if you want to propel your creative work to the next level. Through high performance technology — like Z laptops & desktops — that are meticulously designed to support your journey, you’re able to learn new techniques, faster and more easily. You can dive into new trends, like VR and 3D, with greater confidence. And you can push your craft beyond what you thought was possible, to unlock the next great breakthrough that unlocks a thousand more.

Listen to Alex Trochut, Jody MacDonald and Orlando Arocena discuss the journey behind their latest collaborative film in our Adobe Max Breakout Session,CoCreated: An Inside Look at a Breakthrough Collaboration, on Tuesday, Oct 26 at 11am PST following the keynote.

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