Premier CX enhances workflows and creates better customer journeys with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Image of a man in a recording booth with Premier CX logo.

As a U.K. creative agency specializing in audio branding for companies worldwide, Premier CX helps clients find their voice, literally. Supporting more than 40 languages using professional voice actors, Premier CX develops tailored journeys for customers calling contact centers for major brands. Crafting these personalized customer experiences prompted the agency to consider the end-to-end experience it offered its own clients. With approximately 50 employees, Premier CX is highly regarded for its creative work, and it wanted to make its business journey just as polished and effective.

Just as the tone of voice on a service call can shape a customer experience, the efficiency of a transaction also impacts a client’s perception of Premier CX. Streamlining the process of sending and signing documents was crucial, requiring a move away from wet signatures and paper. The agency began searching for an e-signature application that was easy to use for both internal teams and clients.

The team evaluated DocuSign but found the interface not user-friendly, especially on mobile. Fortunately, the path to the right answer was already in-house. Premier CX relies on Adobe Creative Cloud to capture and mix audio recordings, giving its teams first-hand knowledge about the quality and reliability of Adobe products. Premier CX decided to adopt Adobe Acrobat Sign for its client-facing documents, as well as agreements with voice actors.

“When we compared Adobe Acrobat Sign to DocuSign, it was clear that Adobe Acrobat Sign was far more cost effective and simple to use,” says Kevin O’Connor, director of contact centre sales, Premier CX. “We have faith in the Adobe brand — and soon after implementing Adobe Acrobat Sign, that faith was rewarded in quicker workflows and better client experiences.”

Moving toward a faster, paper-free process

Before Premier CX adopted Acrobat Sign, the agency routinely experienced slow paper-based processes that could add weeks to already complex contract negotiations.

Getting an agreement squared away between legal and review teams can take upwards of four weeks. Even after locking down the details, Premier CX and its clients couldn’t jump right into work. Mailing or faxing hard copies to be signed and then returned might take another three or four weeks.

“Adobe Acrobat Sign absolutely transformed the way we do business by reducing a four-week process to less than two days,” says Eileen Hitchins, contracts administrator, Premier CX.

With Acrobat Sign, Premier CX team members can send forms like sales agreements, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), and contract and vendor agreements using PDF templates already set up in Adobe Acrobat. For forms that do not have templates like direct debit forms, Premier CX team members can easily create text fields for signees to fill in information or add signatures.

A more effective client journey

Paving the path for a smoother client journey requires flexibility and creativity — qualities that Premier CX already has in abundance. Finding an e-signature partner that shares these qualities allows the sales and administrative teams to collaborate effectively and empowers the sales teams to close deals faster.

Once a contract is sent out for signature, administrative teams can use the audit trail feature in Acrobat Sign to track the status of the contract. If a signature is outstanding, a team member can notify the account manager and, with that account manager’s approval, send a reminder through Adobe Sign. Audit trails also let back-end users set automated reminders on a regular basis. With better tracking, the agency can perform more comprehensive business forecasting. With Acrobat Sign, the 50-person Premier CX team can track the status of about 40 contracts per quarter.

Premier CX works with clients around the world, so the stakeholders whose signatures will set a deal into motion might not be in the office at the same time as a sales representative. With Acrobat Sign for mobile devices, stakeholders on the go can simply scroll through a document, sign it, and send it back in minutes.

Since Acrobat Sign can collect and track signatures from multiple people involved in the same deal at once, Premier CX can act on urgent matters and keep deal cycles moving without overburdening individual sales representatives.

“Before Adobe Acrobat Sign, our sales representatives might need to repeatedly email or call a client, because it’s easier to be more ‘out of sight, out of mind’ with hard copies of paper contracts,” says O’Connor. “Adobe Acrobat Sign saves us time and labor, which is crucial for a smaller company like us as we drive sales and build relationships with massive, global organizations.”

Making administrative processes easier

As a creative agency, Premier CX understands seamless client experiences come from work done behind the scenes.

Previously, administrative teams manually scanned and triple copied all returned documents, even if the signatures on those documents weren’t clear or precise. The process was time-consuming for a small team, taking upwards of two hours to complete. With Acrobat Sign, all signed documents are automatically saved, and administrative teams can simply sort them into folders in just 15 minutes.

Once an agreement has been signed and sorted electronically, it’s easy for people to locate it. The accuracy of the signatures captured through Acrobat Sign enhances the quality of the record keeping. Team members originally had to email copies of the agreement to everyone involved, but now Acrobat Sign instantly takes care of that for them.

As Premier CX refines the ways it communicates and does business with clients, the agency is also exploring potential Acrobat Sign integrations with Microsoft applications to make operations even more efficient.

“In Adobe Acrobat Sign, we have a powerful resource to make us a vendor of choice for clients who want smoother, more streamlined collaboration processes,” says O’Connor. “Adobe Acrobat Sign has helped us find our voice as a brand. We’re excited to see where we can go in the future.”