Adobe rises on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list

Interbrand today announced the Best Global Brands list of 2021, and we’ve made the list again, moving six spots to land at number 21. We’re honored to be named one of the Top Growing Brands for the sixth year in a row.

At Adobe and within our communities, we continue to see how innovation, creativity, and compassion can create a lasting impact. We also see that it is still the connection to one another, even in this digital-first world, that keeps us going, and is what we crave most as individuals and as a society. For these reasons and many more, Adobe’s mission to change the world through digital experiences is more important than ever.

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list is one of the most respected rankings of brand value in the industry, ranking how well a brand is known, how well it is regarded, and how much it contributes to the company’s overall financial success. Interbrand’s list highlights the brands who have shown agility and resilience in the last year, and we’re proud to be among them.

Adobe CMO and EVP, Corporate Strategy & Development, Ann Lewnes, spoke with Interbrand about the ways this past year has shown us all the importance of core human principles like compassion and resilience: “The most successful companies today are authentic, transparent, and intent on doing good for their customers and communities. At Adobe, that means asking ourselves, ‘How can our tools, technology and platform make the world a better place?’”.

Bringing Creativity for All to life

From providing students free access to Creative Cloud for remote learning, to connecting small business owners with artists to solve real-world business challenges, we recognize the power of creativity and connection.

With the accessibility of creative tools and the explosion of devices, apps, and new media platforms, every single person on the planet can be a creator. Whether you’re a student, solopreneur, or small business owner, the democratization of creativity means that everyone has the potential to share their stories like never before, be that through photography, video or art.

One of Adobe’s most valuable assets is our vibrant creative community. As a part of our ‘Creativity for All’ mission, we are proud to be supporting, elevating and amplifying underrepresented creators. We launched a dedicated platform, called Diverse Voices, where everyone can be inspired, learn and share their creativity. This platform also showcases our original series, Create Change, which brings diverse creators together from a spectrum of disciplines to share how they’re using creativity to feel empowered and make an impact.

We’re also proud to provide an opportunity to uplift the next generation of creators, by matching them with the people, companies and organizations they most admire through creative challenges with Young Thug, a film challenge with Netflix, and fellowship programs with Sundance. Through these partnerships, we’re giving the emerging storytellers and creators the tools, the inspiration, and the platform to share their stories with the world.

Supporting our community

Practically overnight, we went from a world with digital, to a digital-first world. When the pandemic hit, Adobe immediately transitioned to remote work, and we also used our technology and expertise to ensure the business continuity of our customers. From Ben & Jerry’s to Coca-Cola, we’re enabling businesses of all sizes across all industries to engage and transact business with their customers, driving brand loyalty and growth. In the public sector, our digital experience tools enable the CDC and the U.S. Census to stay connected with citizens. In support of our global communities, and to address racial inequality and injustice, we launched the Taking Action Initiative, which is focused on building community at Adobe, recruitment and advancement, social responsibility and advocacy.

This intent to do good is core to our culture at Adobe. Already this year, Adobe employees have volunteered more than 70,000 hours and have donated more than $9.5M in matching grant funds to local and global nonprofits, including COVID-19 relief efforts, racial inequality and systemic injustice, food banks, disaster response and education.

We first appeared on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands List over a decade ago in 2009 at number 95, and we’re proud to say we’ve been rising ever since. Find out more about what makes Adobe a Best Global Brand here.

Adobe was recently recognized on Fast Company’s 2021 Brands That Matter list, showcasing the brands that achieved relevance through cultural impact, social engagement and authentic communication of their missions. The strength of our brand is a testament to our belief that by harnessing the best of Adobe — our people, platform, creativity, and innovation — we can continue to make meaningful, lasting change in the world.