Unlock the faster, easier and all-digital way to notarize documents with Adobe Sign and Notarize

Notarize and Adobe Sign.

Today, Adobe Sign users now have access to the #1 top rated remote online notary (RON) solution, Notarize, to close the ‘last mile’ of many document processes. With this announcement, we’re expanding our strategic partnership with a completed integration between Notarize and Adobe Sign, the trusted leader in global, secure digital document experiences.

With some documents, a commissioned notary public is required to verify identities and oversee the signing process. Notarizing a document in the traditional paper-based way takes a lot of time — usually several hours or even days. This includes time to find a local notary, make an appointment, drive to the notary, meet the notary in person, verify identity and ensure the person is signing of their own free will and complete the notarization. This time is compounded for the notaries who must manage clients while also following both the legal standards established by each state and the requirements that may be dictated by the agency or company requesting the notarized document.

This deep integration accelerates and simplifies the process with a seamless experience from start-to-finish, making it easy to initiate a notary signing, complete all necessary e-signatures and receive the resulting notarized documents as a digital original — usually within minutes.

Image of people connecting through a video.

Clients and customers connect to a notary through a video and audio enabled device.

How it works

From Adobe Sign, customers can easily and seamlessly initiate remote online notarizations via the ‘Requires notarization’ option in Adobe Sign. Identities are validated using multi-factor authentication. The signers meet with a commissioned notary via a two-way audio/video call in an online notary session. During this live session that mirrors the in-person notarial act, the interactive digital document is signed by both parties, then the notarized document is completed with an electronic seal and digital certificate. Because of the seamless integration, users can access notarized documents within Adobe Sign along with other e-signed documents.

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Extending digital document workflows beyond e-signatures to include remote online notarizations delivers an end-to-end frictionless experience that accelerates transaction times, reduces costs and the risk of fraud, and improves the overall satisfaction of customer and employee experiences. Once the notarization is completed on Notarize’s platform, both signers and the organization can access these documents within Adobe Sign, dramatically reducing complexity, time and operating expense while improving the customer experience.

Use in-house or on-demand notaries

Organizations have two options when it comes to using and accessing commissioned notaries. In-house notaries can be onboarded from the states that Notarize’s platform currently supports — or clients can connect nearly instantly to an on-demand notary, unique to Notarize’s platform. Notarize is the first on-demand remote notary service, allowing people to Notarize a document electronically 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days a year. Instead of the stress and hassle of finding a local notary, clients have a more convenient and fully digital way to notarize a document.

Learn more about the Adobe Sign and Notarize integration to see if it’s right for you and your most important documents, and watch our end-to-end demo below for a firsthand look at how it works.