Adobe MAX: New Adobe Workfront capabilities tackle challenges of scaling personalized content

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Today, Adobe announced new capabilities in Adobe Workfront targeting one of the most challenging aspects of delivering personalized content at both speed and scale: Dynamic collaboration, communication and workflows within creative teams, and between creative and marketing teams.

Content is at the heart of personalized customer experiences. Scaling that content to address every stage of the relationship across an increasing number of channels and formats is a puzzle few companies have solved. Adobe’s latest Future of Marketing Research Series found brands are only personalizing between 25 percent and 50 percent of marketing content — a far cry from their goal of 50 to 75 percent personalization.

Simply adding budget and headcount won’t solve this growing problem. The place where most companies get stuck is in the hand-offs between marketing and creative, where teams create, iterate, approve, review and manage content. This “messy middle” is nonlinear and includes dozens of steps and processes running concurrently across a vast web of internal and external stakeholders. The failure to effectively personalize and scale content hurts customer relationships, runs down budgets and wears out employees.

“The ability to align complex workflows, processes and the foundational work — especially those handoffs between marketing strategy and content development — is critical in enabling teams to get personalized content to customers faster, with greater impact, and aligned to company strategy,” said Liz Miller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “Adobe Workfront brings order to the nimble, bidirectional madness of marketing work, serving as the ‘effectiveness engine’ for the modern marketing machine so critical to moving digital business forward.”

New capabilities announced

Adobe also announced additional capabilities to enhance experience delivery to B2B brands and make accessing Workfront features easier for all Adobe customers. They include:

We’re excited about how these new capabilities will simplify the way brands deploy and engage across teams, and the native integrations ensure customers always have access to the newest and most powerful product features. Watch this video to see how the new capabilities come together to empower the people and power the work behind great customer experiences.