Cruise through your creative work: latest release of the Creative Cloud video apps

Sunglasses with a reflection in them.

The latest release of the Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio applications is available today, offering new features and workflow refinements that help video pros and social storytellers cruise through their creative work.

Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Creative Cloud subscribers also have access to Beta versions of the video and audio applications. This allows users to try out additional new features, like Remix, and share their feedback with our product teams as these features are refined.

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei, is now in Premiere Pro (Beta)

New in After Effects

Following a successful public Beta, Multi-Frame Rendering is now available in After Effects. With up to 4x faster performance, Multi-Frame Rendering accelerates the creative process by taking full advantage of the CPU: the more cores, the faster users can preview and render, and the sooner their work is done. Features powered by Adobe Sensei, like Roto Brush 2, are also optimized for Multi-Frame Rendering and rotoscoping is now up to 300 percent faster.

And it doesn’t stop there. The After Effects team has taken a comprehensive look at workflow efficiency, introducing other features to accelerate creative work, such as Speculative Preview, for automatically rendering compositions in the background whenever the system is idle. Composition Profiler highlights the layers and effects in designs that have the biggest impact on processing time and gives users the option to optimize their projects for faster rendering as they iterate.

For exports, the reimagined Render Queue provides more information about in-progress renders and sends notifications when renders are complete via the Creative Cloud app to the desktop or the user’s phone or smart watch. Motion designers who need to keep working while they export can use Adobe Media Encoder to render compositions in the background. After Effects renders are also accelerated via Adobe Media Encoder.

Now entering After Effects public Beta

Scene Edit Detection, powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically identifies edits in a rendered clip and places markers at the cut points or separates the clips into individual layers. This makes it quicker and easier to reuse part of an edited video clip or apply motion graphics and visual effects to specific clips his feature was first released in Premiere Pro last year and is now in After Effects (Beta).

Scene edit detection.

Scene Edit Detection, powered by Adobe Sensei, now in After Effects (Beta).

Native support for Apple silicon Macs in After Effects (Beta) provides improved performance on new Macs, including the new MacBook Pro, further modernizing the After Effects architecture.

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New in Premiere Pro

Updates to Speech to Text in Premiere Pro save editors and creators even more time with improved transcription accuracy for pop culture terminology in 13 supported languages, better formatting for dates and numbers, and a new option to export captions as sidecar files only. New Simplify Sequence allows users to create a clean copy of the current sequence, by removing gaps, unused tracks, user-designated clips, or effects, and more. Simplify Sequence is great for efficiently sharing, exporting, or archiving projects.

New Simplify Sequence in Premiere Pro

With new color management for H.264 and HEVC formats, including 10-bit and HDR media from modern mirrorless cameras and current iPhones, Premiere Pro interprets footage with the correct color space on import and export, Lumetri improvements, such as the Colorized Vectorscope and curve refinements streamline color workflows. 10-bit formats offer more color detail and range for grading in Premiere Pro and hardware acceleration for 10-bit 422 HEVC ensures smooth playback for those formats on Apple silicon Macs and Windows Intel machines.

Screenshot of PrPro_Lumetri_improvements.

New Colorized Vectorscope and refined curves in Premiere Pro.

Now entering Premiere Pro public Beta

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei, intelligently re-arranges songs so that the music matches the video. Instead of manually applying razor cuts and crossfades, Remix does the work – in seconds. Built on Adobe Sensei AI technology, Remix analyzes the audio patterns and dynamics in songs and uses them to generate new mixes with defined durations. Originally released in Adobe Audition, try Remix now in Premiere Pro (Beta).

Speech to Text on-device provides faster transcription performance and allows editors and creators to use Speech to Text without an internet connection. Speech to Text on-device is available as an opt-in with a language pack download that installs with the Beta build. For the initial public Beta, Speech to Text on-device is available in English only.

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New in Character Animator

Body Tracker, powered by Adobe Sensei: Character Animator now enables creators to use their body movements and gestures to animate their puppets, even if they don’t have experience with animation or keyframing. Move for the camera and your puppet moves along with you.

Now entering Character Animator public Beta

Puppet Maker allows animators to create their own characters in the application without having to start in Photoshop or Illustrator. Users can choose from a variety of character styles and customize hairstyles, skin tones, accessories, and more, and get animating faster.

Transcript-based Lip Sync lets creators use transcripts to animate their character’s lip sync with more accurate results and mouth shapes, thanks to Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology.

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Simplified updates with unified version numbering

With today’s release the Adobe video and audio applications will all carry the 22.0 version number. Consistent numbering across applications will simplify updating and collaboration. Major release versions offer forward and backward compatibility as well as interoperability between any 22.x release of After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, Media Encoder, and Premiere Pro.

Update to the latest release today! And don’t forget to try the new features in public Beta and let us know what you think!