Bring your feedback into the video edit with Dropbox Replay

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In this blog, we walk through why Dropbox created Replay and what the video production workflow problems it solves for creative teams. Then we show you what you can do with Replay using Adobe Premiere Pro. If you want to jump ahead to learn more about Replay, I put together this walkthrough. And you can try Replay today or by getting the Premiere Pro plugin from Adobe Exchange.

We all know firsthand that the demand for video content is unrelenting. Forrester Research found that the average customer required 27 different interactions with your brand in 2021 before they were ready to buy. To meet this demand, brands and agencies must ratchet up production and invest where there is the most return. More and more, marketers are choosing video content to deliver the most value. The number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased by 41 percent since 2016, and 87 percent of video marketers saying video gives them a good return on their investment (Wyzowl State of Video Marketing 2021).

With the growth of video comes a new challenge: How can your creative team speed up the process of video content creation, especially when the team is distributed? And, when the team already uses Adobe Premiere Pro, how can you stay in the flow and bring your editing, review, and feedback processes into one place? Our answer to bring all that collaboration together in one easy-to-use tool is Dropbox Replay, available in beta, and integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Introducing Dropbox Replay

The Dropbox you already know is used by many creative teams to simplify creative workflows and helps teams keep in sync, with each other and with clients. Our customers have told us about the specific challenges they face working with video, including huge file sizes, complex formats and codecs, and consolidating team and client feedback. That’s why we built Replay.

The video creators we have spoken to made it clear that process design improvements would help them be more efficient, productive and also more creative. We learned that one video can go through more than 20 revisions in its journey to the final version. And what a journey that can be. Moved around on hard drives, file shuttles and FTP, feedback sent on email, messaging, chat apps, and even spreadsheets.

Dropbox Replay can streamline the most challenging aspects of video creation — collaboration, feedback, and reviews to help the team get to final, especially when the team is not in the same room. That’s why Dropbox announced that Replay is integrated with your favorite editing applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro, so your team can stay in flow.

Consolidate feedback to streamline collaboration

With Replay and your editing application, consolidated feedback means you no longer need to hunt for that email, message, or chat. Your team, your creatives, and your clients can concentrate on making the best video — not where to send their feedback. This is what it looks like to request feedback from stakeholders.

Consolidating feedback is a challenge that the team at Kaleidoscope Pictures, a full-service production and creative agency, has felt strongly about. Having a central location to manage feedback is vital.

Editing team at Kaleidoscope Pictures.

"Dropbox has been an essential part of my career since 2010. I couldn't ask for a better platform to collaborate with remote team members and keep content safe while accessible. Dropbox just keeps getting better with new tools like Replay.”

Adam Nielson, creative director of Branded Experience at Kaleidoscope Pictures.

Bringing that feedback into the tools you use to build your stories streamlines and speeds up that process. Nielson sees this as a huge benefit to his team: “Now with Replay, we can keep feedback centralized and the number of files I need to process to a minimum. Replay’s integration with Adobe Premiere Pro will also make it easy for our post-production team to implement changes. I’m a huge fan.”

It’s a story that we’ve heard time and time again. Creatives need to take action much faster and want that flow of information into their tools. That’s why we’ve worked with the biggest names in post-production tools to build Replay.

Replay and Adobe Premiere Pro — a winning combination

Replay integrates seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro, bringing your team’s and your clients feedback into the editing interface. The Premiere Pro plugin allows you to respond to existing comments from Replay and add new comments, right from Premiere Pro. You can also import Replay comments right to your Premiere Pro timeline, so it’s easy to implement feedback. And when all comments have been addressed, easily export new versions to Replay and share a link to the video with others, without leaving Premiere Pro.

Here’s how to get started and use Replay with Adobe Premiere Pro. The first step is to search for the DropboxReplay plugin on Adobe Exchange to install Replay. You’ll need to authorize your Dropbox account to access Replay from the Extensions menu.

Find your project: Here’s what it looks like with Replay in Premiere Pro.

Screenshot of Replay in Premiere Pro.

Upload your edit into Replay: Export the timeline and upload the file into Replay using the upload link. You can upload subsequent versions using the same approach. Each new file is uploaded as a new version.

Screenshot of Replay in Premiere Pro.

Import comments: Import comments from Replay into the Premiere Pro timeline with just the click of a button.

Screenshot of Replay in Premiere Pro.

Respond to comments: Respond to Replay comments from Premiere Pro by either replying to an existing comment made on Replay or creating a new comment on Replay.

Screenshot of Replay in Premiere Pro.

Share a link: Bring your team into the collaborative process by sharing a Replay review link right from Premiere Pro.

Screenshot of what Replay in Premier Pro.

Learn more

We can’t wait to see how Replay helps you and your team to speed up creative workflows. Ready to learn more? Watch a walkthrough in Replay and try it free today here.

Special thanks to Andy Wilson for his contributions to this article.

This Adobe MAX 2021 post is sponsored by Dropbox.