New Creative Cloud releases enable creative collaboration, drive innovation, and empower creative careers

Adobe MAX 2021 logo

New technology, new challenges, and new opportunities are changing the way people create.

As creativity becomes more critical to every business, large or small, the need to collaborate and create with more efficiency and possibility is paramount.

Creative teams in every enterprise seek easier ways to work together and engage a broader set stakeholders. Creative people of all kinds seek new and more efficient ways to transform vision to reality across an ever-increasing number of formats and surfaces. And in our everyday work and life, we all seek to express ourselves creatively to stand out and advance our careers. Creativity has never been more important.

In response to these changes, at this year’s Adobe MAX, we have released scores of new features and other innovations in Creative Cloud that help creators work together more effectively, create more efficiently, explore new mediums, and find new ways to prosper from their creative work. Here’s a look at some of what we are unveiling.

Enable collaborative creativity

Photoshop and Illustrator, extended to the Web

We are extending two of the world’s iconic creative products, Photoshop and Illustrator, to the Web, so that you can access projects anywhere. With just a URL, you can invite anyone to view and comment on your Photoshop or Illustrator file — and the reviewers don’t need to download any software or have a Creative Cloud subscription. And Creative Cloud subscribers can make light edits to Photoshop or Illustrator files right in their browser. The journey of bringing Creative Cloud to the web starts now with Photoshop on the Web in public beta, while Illustrator on the Web is debuting in private beta.

Creative Cloud Canvas gives your team one place to visually organize and collaborate on every aspect of a project.

Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas Enhance Creative Collaboration

With creative teams spread around the world, multiple people working simultaneously on the same assets, and more stakeholders than ever interested in creative work, creative teams need a better way to collaborate and get aligned. We are addressing this need with Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas. Spaces are shared repositories where everyone on your team can access and organize files, libraries, and links so you can easily manage access and collaborate centrally. A Canvas is a new way to display and visualize all of the creative work within a project, to review with collaborators and explore ideas together, all in real-time and in the browser. Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas are debuting in private beta and will be released next year more broadly.’s cloud platform makes it easy to gather feedback from everyone involved in making a video. & the future of video collaboration

We are thrilled to have the team join Adobe.’s cloud-native platform is a secure and elegant way to gather feedback from everyone involved in a video production, from the director to the script supervisor to all the people who need to approve the final project. The combination of’s platform with Creative Cloud opens new paths for innovation in video that we’re excited to explore, both within our products and in other video editing tools beyond Adobe.

Innovation to unleash creative potential

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Hover Auto-Masking in Photoshop accelerates masking close to the speed of thought.

Photoshop: More powerful & magical than ever

We’ve made masking even easier in Photoshop. Just hover over an object and Hover Auto-Masking (powered by our Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence engine) will automatically mask out that object. Mask All Objects automatically picks out all the subjects in an image. And we’ve expanded and refined our breakthrough Neural Filters, the Sensei-driven features that make complicated edits, like changing facial expressions or colorizing a black & white image, happen like magic with just a few clicks. We’ve also debuted the brand-new Landscape Mixer feature, which allows you to change a landscape image from summer to winter or meadow to desert.

Illustrator: New features across surfaces & better performance

Screenshot of Substance 3D in Adobe Illustrator

We’re making a vast library of Substance 3D materials available in Creative Cloud apps, such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

In Illustrator on the iPad, we’re releasing a technology preview of Vectorize, the next evolution of image tracing that enables you to convert any image into a crisp, vector graphic with enhanced precision and control. And on the desktop, we’ve improved 3D effects and added a vast library of Adobe Substance 3D materials.

Multi-frame Rendering in After Effects speeds performance by as much as 4x.

Video: More speed, performance & magic

To dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for a video to render, we’ve officially introduced Multi-frame Rendering, which speeds performance by as much as 4x, in After Effects. We’ve slashed the time required to caption a video with the automated Speech-to-Text feature in Premiere Pro. And you have to try the magical fun of Body Tracker in Character Animator. Turn on your webcam, start moving, and your animated puppet will follow along.

New Adobe Lightroom features shown in screenshot

New Lightroom features make it easy to select a specific section of your image and make improvements.

Photography: Lightroom makes us all better photographers

Sometimes you love a photo — except for one small portion. We have completely reimagined Lightroom’s Selective Adjustment tools so you can easily make precise selections and apply specific fixes to just a portion of an image. And have you ever wondered what a different photographer would make of your image? With Community Remix, you can share your image and learn and be inspired by how other artists edit it.

Painter, part of the Adobe Substance 3D collection, lets you make detailed design edits to 3D objects.

3D & Designing for immersive experiences

The Adobe Substance 3D collection brings incredible 3D power to your fingertips, with tools that can do everything from create compelling marketing images to sculpt a 3D object virtually from scratch. An explosion of 3D creation is underway as every creator discovers the possibilities. The Substance 3D Collection also includes thousands of 3D materials and textures you can use for your own creations, so check it out.

You can now add motion to your drawings and paintings in Adobe Fresco.

So much more — from drawing & painting to screen design

In addition to all this, we’ve introduced dozens of other features that will save you time and expand what you can create, including perspective guides and motion effects in Fresco, our multi-platform drawing and painting app, and the ability to add playable videos and Lottie animations to your prototypes in Adobe XD, our design, prototype, and sharing application for experience designers.

A new Adobe XD plugin helps you discover Lottie animations to use in your website and app designs.

Empower creative careers

A look at Behance community website

Creative Cloud subscribers can offer subscriptions on Behance and give fans exclusive access to their livestreams and other materials.

Behance: Find opportunities & explore the creative world at work

We’ve introduced new ways for Behance’s more than 26 million members to profit from their work. Creative Cloud subscribers can offer subscriptions that give fans exclusive access to selected livestreams, source files, and more on Behance. And Behance takes no cut of what you earn. And you can add a “Hire Me” button to your profile so that anyone who appreciates your work can contact you directly with a commission or job opportunity.

Content Credentials feature in action in Photoshop

You can now attach Content Credentials to your project in Photoshop, secure data that ensures you get credit for your work.

Content Authenticity Initiative and solving a big problem with NFTs

Two years ago, we launched the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to combat visual misinformation and help ensure creators get credit for their work. Today, we are rolling out the ability to attach Content Credentials in apps like Photoshop. These secure credentials include information like who created an image and when and where a photo was taken. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have also emerged as a way for creators to access a whole new market for their work. Content Credentials can prevent unscrupulous people from hijacking your work and selling it on the NFT market. We’ve partnered with the NFT marketplaces KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare to display Content Credentials.

There is so much more launching over the next 48 hours in Creative Cloud. Please update your favorite applications and try out the latest innovations.

And remember to check out the full schedule of events for Adobe MAX, happening through Oct. 28. There are hundreds of sessions that will help you learn new skills, get inspired, and hear from some of your favorite creatives, including Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao, actors Tilda Swinton and Henry Golding, and creators like Casey Neistat and Wendy MacNaughton.

Our team at Adobe is so excited to ship these updates and innovations across our entire product line. This year’s MAX is also the first step in the journey to bring Creative Cloud to the web and enable a new era of collaborative creativity. We invite your feedback and suggestions as we roll out more capabilities and unlock new possibilities. We are honored to do everything we can to outfit you for the future of creativity.