Adobe Sign in Veeva Vault: creating frictionless, connected, digital document experiences

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Today, Adobe is launching a pre-built e-signature integration between Adobe Sign and Veeva Vault that makes it faster and easier for life sciences organizations to meet the industry’s rigorous security and compliance requirements for electronic and digital signatures. Customers will benefit from the integration with digital document workflows that include legally binding and compliant cloud-based e-signatures, powered by Adobe Sign. This announcement expands on the broader relationship between Adobe and Veeva and plays a crucial role across regulated life sciences businesses that are looking to drive greater efficiency at nearly every touchpoint.

Jim Reilly, vice president, Vault R&D at Veeva.

The time to digitize documents is now

Manual and repetitive tasks heavily weigh down productivity as coordinators chase down signatures from multiple people, including those who are outside of their organization, for approvals or consent. Even more time is lost when these signed paper documents require additional downstream processing, such as scanning, filing and doing manual data entry into document management systems — which introduces risks of errors and non-compliance.

Industry leaders come together to support customer needs

Adobe Sign, named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 report, allows organizations to gather e-signatures that comply with global regulations. Veeva Vault is an industry leading cloud-based suite of applications, including a content management platform, that provides life sciences companies with the unique ability to manage both content and data in a single platform, streamlining complex business requirements for greater compliance and collaboration.

“We are seeing a growing adoption of Adobe Sign globally in the regulated landscape, as enterprise organizations aim to digitize their critical document workflows and approval processes with solutions that adhere to rigorous global security and compliance standards,” said Simon Williams, vice president of strategic development at Adobe.

With this integration, professionals in the life sciences field will have a frictionless experience when sending documents for e-signatures directly from Veeva Vault. Documents sent for e-signatures can be accessed from any device, empowering recipients to review and e-sign documents from anywhere. This eliminates the need to download, print, manually sign and use traditional mail to send the documents back. This streamlines the overall process, driving up productivity and creating an improved customer experience.

Workflow graphic showing the use of Adobe Sign and Veeva.

Critical to improving both customer and employee experiences

According to a recent Forrester study, 82 percent of organizations said digital document processes would be critically important or very important to improving customer experience, and 63 percent said digitizing document processes would be critically important or very important to improving employee experiences.

Minimizes use of natural resources

Organizations are also able to support their sustainability efforts by reducing paper processes across every department. According to the Adobe Resource Savings Calculator, an organization that prints on average 5,000 pages per day, will not only save more than $37,000 in paper costs but also eliminate 117,000 pounds of greenhouse gases and save 139,000 gallons of water per year.

Enterprise partnerships enable connected experiences

Adobe Sign’s strategic partnership as Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution — as well as many other partnerships with leading companies, such as Workday, ServiceNow, and Salesforce — enable Veeva Vault customers to have an end-to-end digital experience across their core enterprise systems.

Learn more about installation and configuration of the Adobe Sign integration for Veeva Vault here.

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