Adobe helps take the complexity out of ARPA

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Some opportunities only surface once in a generation and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is one of them. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed gaps in government’s ability to rapidly deploy information through digital channels. ARPA was designed to help close those gaps, with improved technology and IT infrastructure called out as a priority.

The act provides access to an impressive $350 billion in federal funding for state, local and Tribal governments. ARPA allows eligible agencies to invest in technological capabilities previously out of reach due to budget constraints. In making digital investments that bolster infrastructure and launching IT projects that improve the overall customer experience (CX), agencies can better prepare for future catastrophic events and support underserved citizens.

While the deadline to allocate ARPA funds isn’t until 2024, two-thirds of the country (or, 33 states), have already earmarked ARPA funds to jumpstart critical digital initiatives, while seven states have assigned 90 percent of their funding for this purpose. These agencies understand the sooner the programs get rolling, the sooner the impact will be felt by their constituents. However, the complexity around ARPA rules can be a hindrance and ultimately prevent agencies from acting quickly. Concerns exist around use of ARPA funds and are related to resource planning, task management, and measurement of project effectiveness. Government agencies not only need guidance on how to modernize digital services to improve CX, but also on how to access the funding, eligible uses, resource planning, and measurement of investment impact to illustrate how efforts align to agency strategic priorities.

With more than 20 years of government solution experience, Adobe can provide insight into ARPA’s regulations and guide agencies through the ARPA process with solution recommendations. Adobe has already partnered with agencies to maximize the impact of their Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. For instance, the Iowa Economic Development Authority created an economic relief site using Adobe solutions to handle 20,000 transactions seamlessly within days and pushed through $52 million in small business relief. Just as Adobe has helped state and local customers leverage the CARES Act, Adobe can also help agencies effectively utilize ARPA funds by:

Adobe’s expertise and digital solutions can help government agencies simplify the ARPA process and make lasting changes for the citizens they serve.

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