#SpringIntoFearless this Lunar New Year

Artwork by Seehee Chae (Pie): Illustration of a tiger leaping into the air. The tiger has three characters sitting on its back (a girl in a green dress, a girl in a blue shirt and pink trousers and a boy in a purple striped short). The background is blue with flowers and birds in the sky.

Lunar New Year offers us all a moment to set our sights on a new year filled with prosperity and potential. This year marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, inspiring each of us to step fearlessly and courageously into new territories, bound only by the limits of our imaginations.

This new year is about motivating you to fear less and do more, to embrace the confidence and courage of the Tiger in your craft, your career, and your character. It’s a time to come together with your community and share good fortune.

At Adobe, we want to wish our amazing community a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. We believe the Year of the Tiger is about charging courageously into a future of prosperity and promise. It is time to #SpringIntoFearless.

Every one of us has our own way of celebrating what the New Year means to us — food, festivities, and creative expression. So, this year, we partnered with incredible creators from across the globe to share what Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger means to them. Take a look.

Sehee Chae (Pie)

Korean illustrator and artist SeHee Chae (a.k.a Pie) designed a vibrant and figurative feature artwork encapsulating what fearless creativity means to her in the Year of the Tiger while bringing #SpringIntoFearless to life. While her work is bold and undoubtedly brave, Pie speaks candidly about her fear when starting the creative process and her steps to regain confidence. She notes her practice has transformed her fear into great stimuli, allowing her to produce better works of art.

When asked how she will fear less and do more in the Year of the Tiger, Pie talks to her plans for the year ahead: Graduate school to study illustration, bigger projects, and a refined work/life balance.

Rex Koo

Illustration by Rex Koo: Happy tiger, stretching. The background is a gradient of pink to purple. The tiger is white with purple detailing.

Visual artist Rex Koo is based in Hong Kong and believes people are free when they have no fear. His artwork, featuring the relaxed, happy, and pleasingly stretched tiger, captures just this.

Angela Ho

Illustration by Angela Ho: three anime-like characters riding on the back of three tigers. The background is yellow with multi-coloured clouds and mountains

Hong Kong-based artist Angela Ho inspires us to be bold and brave — to embrace the possibilities of where the New Year could take us. In her own style, she visualises the leap of faith that accompanies the Tiger and paints a year of prosperity in energetic colour.

Lee Killust

Artwork by Lee Killust: A black and white illustration of two human portraits (one woman, one man) morphing into a tiger. The words 'Spring into Fearless' appear at the top of work.

Korean artist Lee Killust captures the essence of #SpringIntoFearless in his blended portrait, reminding us that the tiger's courage lives within. All you must do is embrace new challenges to unleash a year of prosperity and potential!

Sam Lo

Artwork by Sam Lo: An illustration of a tiger's face roaring while looking up to right. The artwork is full of colour and includes a boat in the background, flowers, and Lunar New Year symbolism.

The challenges of self-empowerment are at the core of Singapore-based artist Sam Lo’s artwork which is “somewhat a self-portrait”. His work shows that by embracing our true selves, we will be empowered to live and pursue our dreams authentically.

Jongwoo Kim

Artwork by Jongwoo Kim: A multiple exposure artwork of the city, overlayed with light fragments and rain.

Jongwoo Kim’s "City Dreamer" is a multiple exposure piece using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. Kim, based in Korea, wants others to remember that there is still hope even in uncertainty, reminding us not give up on our dreams.

Binko Octa

Artwork by Binko Octa: An anime like illustration of a woman (right) next to a tiger (left). The tiger looks to the right while the woman looks behind her to the left. The colours are dark and mysterious.

For Thai artist Binko Octa, fear is a natural instinct — even the tiger, an animal representing bravery and resoluteness, is not exempt from this feeling. What makes the tiger different is their decision to encounter and confront their fear. Octa’s art demonstrates that springing into fearless means courageously standing up and facing our fears head-on.

Pat Kay

Artwork by Pat Kay: A photo of a street square. There is a fountain in the middle. Seven figure in red hold up a Lunar New Year dragon.

Through his Lunar New Year presets, Australian artist Pat Kay encourages others to join the celebration and to fear less and do more — both in their photography and in themselves. His customised, festive preset pack uses warm tones of orange and red to inject a sense of fire and energy into any shot, reflecting the true nature of the tiger.

Flatwhite Motion

Artwork by Flatwhite Motion: A graphic design of a cartoon Tiger that is growling and stalking forward. The Tiger is surrounded by a design of red, pink, purple and blue swirls.

Flatwhite Motion's #SpringIntoFearless graphic captures the fearlessness and courage embodied by this year’s zodiac. The graphic is a reminder to embody the traits of the Tiger and to be bold and brave in the year ahead.

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However you celebrate the Lunar New Year, and wherever you are, we wish you a safe and prosperous year ahead and hope that 2022 is the year you #SpringIntoFearless.