Adobe employees across the globe #SpringintoFearless for the Year of the Tiger

Graphic illustration of Year of the Tiger.

Lunar New Year is a celebration of joy and prosperity, observed by millions of people across the globe as they shake off the past and usher in new beginnings.

With this year being the Year of the Tiger, we are encouraged to fear less and achieve more, setting our sights on a future full of potential.

Inspired by the strength and confidence of the tiger, Adobe employees from across the globe have shared how they are coming together with family, friends, and colleagues to celebrate and usher in a prosperous 2022.

Enjoy the many unique festivities and traditions from our team, and hear what Lunar New Year means to them.

Photograph of Lunar New Year decor.

Headshot of Ernest Wong.

“Hong Kong is a city that truly combines Chinese and Western cultures. For this most important festival of the year, many non-Chinese friends celebrate it together with us too! You will also see different ways of celebration happening in every corner of Hong Kong — such as the festive lights on the facades of buildings, decorations in shopping malls, and people visiting friends everywhere. For me personally, Lunar New Year marks the busiest days of the year as I visit my relatives and friends to give and receive red packets!”

Ernest Wong, Senior Solutions Consultant, Digital Media (Hong Kong)

Photograph of Tteokguk (soup with sliced rice cakes).

(Tteokguk — soup with sliced rice cakes)

Headshot of Youngnam Kim.

“Seollal’ (설날, Lunar New Year’s Day) is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea. This is a time for Koreans to return to their hometowns to pay respect to their ancestors, as well as visit their parents and other relatives.

I have not seen my parents and family for six months, and I am so excited to meet them this New Year's holiday. I can’t think of anything better than the food my mother prepares when I go back home. The main dish of the day is ‘tteokguk’ (떡국, soup with sliced rice cakes). It’s a tradition to eat ‘tteokguk’ because the clear broth and white rice cakes in the dish symbolise starting the year with a clean mind and body. And it’s believed that we are one year older once we have finished eating our ‘tteokguk’.”

Youngnam Kim, Marketing Manager, Adobe Stock (Seoul, South Korea)

(Singapore’s Roger Lim decorating the pussy willow tree with his daughter)

Headshot of Roger Lim.

“Pussy willow symbolises growth and the arrival of prosperity and good fortune, so having it at home during the Lunar New Year is a must-have! Decorating the pussy willows is just like decorating a Christmas tree — so much fun and it makes for a great bonding activity with the kids!”

Roger Lim, Senior Enterprise Account Executive (Singapore)

Lunar New Year decorations.

Headshot of Dan Zhang.

“This Lunar New Year, we are going to celebrate the Year of the Tiger! The Tiger is a symbol of strength, vitality, and bravery. Hopefully, the Tiger can bring great energy to us so we may have a healthy year ahead. This year, we will also have the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing during the LNY, which brings in an additional joyful flavour to this traditional holiday. The mascots of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are Bing Dwen Dwen (冰墩墩) and Shuey Rhon Rhon (雪融融). Bing Dwen Dwen is a cute panda while Shuey Rhon Rhon is a Chinese lantern. I am very excited and eager to celebrate the Year of the Tiger while cheering for the Winter Olympic Games!”

Dan Zhang, Product Manager, Digital Experience (Beijing, China)

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

(Korea’s Taeuk Moon celebrates the Year of the Tiger with his son)

Headshot of Taeuk Moon.

“There are two New Year holidays in Korea — January 1st, and Lunar New Year which changes with the Lunar calendar (usually the end of January or the beginning of February). Although it varies by individual and family culture, typically, Lunar New Year holidays are longer and more meaningful. There is also a symbolised animal for each year, and 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. This year, I took a picture with my eldest son and a ‘big tiger’ in the city — probably created with Adobe products, wishing for a strong new year ahead.”

Taeuk Moon, Channel Account Manager (Seoul, South Korea)

Photographs of traditional Lunar New Year food.

Headshot of Si Hyeong Lee.

“Lunar New Year is an opportunity for family members to reunite, to bow to elders, and to win the ‘New Year’s cash gift’. For my family, sharing food is essential as we prepare the ceremony for ancestors, among other traditions. If you’re visiting Korea, I would recommend three must-have dishes — the soft tofu soup, Bulgogi, and Bibimbap — either from Korean markets or restaurants. Lastly, entertainment: I remember watching ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Home Alone’ every year for the holiday. Now, we have ‘Parasite’, ‘Squid Game’ and ‘BTS music’!”

Si Hyeong Lee, Channel Sales Account Manager (Seoul, South Korea)

Photograph of Nicole Ng with her family celebrating Lunar New Year.

(Nicole Ng with her family)

Photograph of Nicole Ng.

“Lunar New Year, for me, is a time for my extended family to get together over food and festivities. Each household has a special dish to bring to the table! My family hosts popiah parties, where people can make their own popiah (soft spring rolls) and add ingredients to their liking.”

Nicole Ng – APAC Lifecycle Marketing Specialist (Singapore)

Photograph of Cheryl Saw celebrating Lunar New Year with her family.

(Cheryl Saw with her family in 2018)

Headshot of Cheryl Saw.

“Having lived overseas for so many years, Lunar New Year is a really special time for me as I get to travel back to Malaysia to see my parents. We go to the Chinese temple for prayers, buy various red-coloured decorations, do a big clean-up around the house just before LNY, and eat an overwhelming amount of delicious food for the entirety of the festival. While I’ve not been able to travel home due to travel restrictions, I continue the LNY traditions I’ve always done with my family over here in Australia and we even have LNY dinner over FaceTime! And because I’m feeling nostalgic, here’s a throwback to LNY lunch with my family and partner back in 2018!”

Cheryl Saw, APAC E-Commerce Sales Manager (Sydney, Australia)

(Julia Tian in Chinatown with her son)

Julia Tian, Group Design Marketing Manager, Creative Community (San Francisco, U.S.)

No matter how you may be celebrating Lunar New Year, we wish you a healthy and roaring Year of the Tiger.

#SpringintoFearless and discover more ways we’re celebrating Lunar New Year.