How Magda Miu is defining her career path at Adobe

Magda Miu, Adobe Engineering Manager, speaking at a conference.

When Magda Miu was looking for her next opportunity, she knew she wanted to be very intentional. A career coach had told her she was 100% responsible for her future, which resonated with her. After defining a career plan for herself, the search started, and she was surprised to find a company that checked all her boxes—Adobe! In our interview with her, learn how Magda has been making an impact as an engineering manager in Romania, and what she looks for when hiring for her team.

What drew you to Adobe?

Three things drew me to Adobe:

You joined Adobe 7 months ago. What have you learned or discovered so far?

At Adobe, I learned that it is essential to truly understand the impact my role creates, and to focus on how my unique skills reinforce this. I’ve been able to develop my skills by discovering new tech stacks and utilizing online trainings, certifications, dedicated programs for managers, soft skill courses, and more. I’m also encouraged to follow my passion for public speaking and blogging, which I love!

Tell me about your current role.

I’m an engineering manager, and I have two amazing teams—Provisioning and Customer Observability, which are both part of the Adobe Experience Platform. My role involves activities in three different areas:

people management, technical leadership and product management. Across these different areas, I set my team up for success and growth opportunities, enable innovation for our customers, and create the roadmap to improve our product.

What is a project you’re proud of?

The projects I work on with my team are amazing, but I’m also proud of the internal programs I’ve helped to impact. This year, with the support from the Women at Adobe Romania Employee Network, we launched a mentorship program called “Mentor Her”. The program's mission is to boost the careers of women at Adobe Romania and Adobe France by enhancing skills and knowledge through individualized volunteer mentoring.

The program is still in progress and was launched in March 2022 and will finish by the end of June 2022. We have 40+ participants, and we kicked off the program with training about how to be a great mentor and mentee. Participants will meet two times per month, and at the end of the program, we hope to empower Adobe's women in meeting their career goals by gaining new capabilities and new supporters.

What do you look for in an ideal candidate when hiring?

Enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. I also believe in the idea of achieving results through values. During interviews, we assess if candidates resonate and embody Adobe's values: genuine, exceptional, innovative, and involved. We also assess candidates against our Adobe Capabilities (Be Creative, Be Focused, Be a Leader), which define how we work. So, to make sure the candidate will be successful at Adobe, I try to uncover how past experiences emphasize these capabilities and values.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

I am 100% responsible for my career. I got this advice a few years ago from a coach. Then I realized that I should define a career plan for myself and build a system of good habits that will help me achieve those objectives.