Celebrating creatives, mentors and mentees with #WomenCreate

A collage of Adobe artist illustrations.

Creativity from women inspires creativity in other women.

At Adobe, celebrating the accomplishments and creativity of women goes far beyond International Women’s Day or Women’s History Month. Our mission is to recognise, celebrate and champion all that #WomenCreate every day.

This year, we’re focusing on mentorship and the power women create when they share knowledge, advice and support to uplift one another; a concept we call 'Womentorship'.

To bring 'Womentorship' to life, we partnered with creatives across Asia Pacific to explore what this means to them.

Take a look at their inspiring creations and stories.

Get to know these creative women

  • Angela Ho
  • Phannapast Taychamaythakool
  • Zoe Zora
  • Christy Chow
  • Rebecca Eu
  • Frida Las Vegas
  • Spotlighting creative women with State of Escape

Angela Ho

Image by Angela Ho

For Hong Kong-based artist Angela Ho, 'Womentorship' is about having a trusted voice that guides you through the dark – one that sheds a light on the challenges you may face and supports you through them. Her artwork visualises how her mentor helped her to face her fears while taking on her first commercial art project.

Phannapast Taychamaythakool

Thai contemporary artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool shares the learnings her friend and mentor passed on to her. In revealing the insights she gained from her mentor, Phannapast is also able to guide others to better embrace their authentic selves.

Zoe Zora

For Zoe Zora, 'Womentorship' means relationships that cultivate confidence in other women. Through her story, she reminds us that women are not alone in the challenges they face and inspires others to find the courage to ask for, accept and offer help. The lessons Zoe has learnt from her mentor, such as the importance to living life, taking chances and overcoming fears, are ones she passes on to her own mentees.

Christy Chow

Image by Christy Chow.

Christy Chow’s art would not be possible “without the help of many others”, whether that be artists, art teachers, curators or gallerists. Her 'Womentorship' artwork is built from books authored by women that inspired her creative research. The sculpture represents the knowledge and advice from all the mentors who motivated, helped, and guided her through the creative process and shaped her into who she is today.

Rebecca Eu

'Womentorship' is a two-way street for Rebecca Eu. As a partner of Art Faculty, a social enterprise that showcases the work of artists on the autism spectrum, she collaborates with a range of women in her field. For Rebecca, 'Womentorship' is all about collaborating with others whose different perspectives and expertise help to solve challenges, including building an inclusive environment for women in creative industries and creating a sustainable impact for Singaporeans on the autism spectrum.

Frida Las Vegas

Image by Frida Las Vegas

Stavroula Adameitis, also known as Frida Las Vegas, is known for her bold and striking Pop Art designs. Frida’s own experience of ‘Womentorship’ has played an important role in the way she confidently approaches her designs and embraces her uniqueness. To showcase this, Frida created a dazzling dress with the words from her mentor: “it’s okay to be a peacock in a world of pigeons” printed on the front.

Spotlighting creative women with State of Escape

We partnered with female-founded and operated international fashion brand State of Escape to celebrate women from across Australia that are making their mark on the creative world.

State of Escape profiled five unique female artists to explore their inspirations, passions and advice.

For Sydney artist Serwah Attafuah, digital tools helped empower her to find a distinctive art style. Her spotlight reveals the transition from paint to digital and the methods behind her hyper-colour surrealist work.

Image by Serwah Attafuah

Created by Serwah Attafuah (@wrath_____)

First Nation artist and photographer Bobbi Lockyer’s style reflects all that is true to herself. Her art, which blends the natural environment with the creativity she learned from her mother and grandmother, is evidence of her belief that mentoring helps women discover what they will become and what they can achieve.

Bobbi Lockyer drawing an artwork on an iPad

Created by Bobbi Lockyer (@bobbilockyer)

Hong Kong-based Australian artist Angela Ho not only created her own 'Womentorship' artwork but also spoke with State of Escape to share her insights on bringing together street art and new technology to create her original style.

Angela Ho spray painting her art onto a wall

Angela Ho (@ahoyvisualart)

In addition to creating her ‘Womentorship’ dress, Frida Las Vegas was also spotlighted by State of Escape. In sharing how her art is all about bold colours, neon lights and transcending to other worlds, Frida hopes to encourage others to bring their creative ideas to the surface – no matter how bold or bright.

Image of Frida Las Vegas in her workshop

Frida Las Vegas (@fridalasvegas)

Illustrator and author Sha'an d'Anthes rounded out the creators, sharing how her unique approach to storytelling and drawings capture emotions through colour.

Image of Sha'an d'Anthes

Sha’an d’Anthes (@furrylittlepeach)

The celebration and championing of women never ends. Share in the power of 'Womentorship' and celebrate all that #WomenCreate by reaching out and tagging your own mentor or mentee.