Celebrating Womentorship and all that #WomenCreate

Illustration of two women with flowing hair holding hands

Women have the power to create in every sense of the word - from meaningful artwork to creating opportunities for young women, causing impact for women in underrepresented communities, or putting a much-needed spotlight on diverse female stories. We know that when #WomenCreate, great things happen.

Women's History Month and International Women's Day offer a dedicated moment to reflect on women's creative power and how that applies to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world - one where differences are valued and celebrated. #Breakthebias, the theme for this year's International Women's Day, has never been more relevant.

To mark the occasion, this month, we’re not only celebrating the endless and empowering creativity of women around the world but the importance of women sharing what they know and what they are learning with each other – to uplift one another – this is ‘Womentorship’.

‘Womentorship’ is:

An acknowledgement of the profound impact that both having and becoming a mentor has on women’s lives.

It's a celebration of what’s possible when we both learn from and teach other women. When we both find the courage to ask for, accept and give help and guidance openly and often.

It’s the act of reaching out to women who inspire you and creating opportunities for women around you - generously and creatively.

This Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Adobe is giving our creative community the floor to celebrate and amplify the importance of ‘womentorship’ – and to rally women to join in that notion as a means of supporting future generations, fighting gender bias and uplifting underrepresented women.

Illustration of women holding hands with long flowing hair. Over their hair is the text: "Womentorship: Reaching out to women who inspire you and creating opportunities for women around you, both generously and creatively."

This year's Women Create initiative sees women from Adobe's Asia Pacific community come together to build momentum for 'Womentorship' with a wave of galvanising and inspiring activity. This includes personal stories and artistic expression around the impact ‘Womentorship’ can have, recognition of pivotal mentors and mentees in our lives, and soon, the release of a 'Womentorship' guide, co-created with incredible women from our community.

Creating opportunities with State of Escape

As a part of the spotlight on 'Womentorship', Adobe has partnered with female-founded and operated international fashion brand State of Escape to celebrate diverse female creators and highlight the importance of uplifting women in fashion, marketing and sustainability.

At the core of this partnership is meaningful 'Womentorship' in action. State of Escape has donated 100 Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions to predominantly female students from underrepresented backgrounds currently studying for the Fashion Marketing and Enterprise within Branded Fashion Faculty in the Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia with a goal of creating opportunities for young women while positively influencing diversity in the senior leadership positions of the Australian fashion industry.

State of Escape will also celebrate a diverse set of emerging Australian-based female creators by lending each of them their digital platforms for one day across March. Illustrators, 3d Artists and cross-medium creators will show their artwork and craft skills on full display on State of Escape's website and social media from March 7th to the 11th.

Check out the inspiring stories from these amazing creators.

“We wish to encourage other women in their vision and allow them to leverage our experiences in their own learnings,” says State of Escape Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director Brigitte MacGowan.

“Partnering with a globally respected organization such as Adobe to support the unlocking of emerging talent through an innovative digital platform is a unique opportunity we are thrilled to be engaged with.”

Photo of State of Escape founders Creative Director Brigitte MacGowan and CEO Desley Maidment

State of Escape founders Brigitte MacGowan, Creative Director, and Desley Maidment, CEO.

With this initiative, Adobe and State of Escape hope to highlight and reinforce the positive impact of women giving other women access to creative tools and technology as a key factor in the notion of ‘Womentorship.’

Through the #WomenCreate focus on 'Womentorship' this year, let us work together to empower and support both established and emerging creators with the guidance, inspiration and opportunity they need.

To join in the celebration, we encourage women everywhere to share their stories and experiences of 'Womentorship' and recognise the women who exemplify mentorship to them with the tag #WomenCreate.