Preparing RMIT Online students to power the digital economy

Students working together on a laptop

The growing digital economy has opened many doors for creative professionals to capitalise on the power of design. The introduction of digital-enriched initiatives has catapulted the demand for tech-savvy creatives to drive business innovation and growth. In partnership with RMIT Online, Adobe and Merkle are establishing new courses to reskill and upskill creatives to enhance employability and contribute to Australia’s digital-first economy.

The future of work is infused with digital-first applications, shifting the need for a new way of communicating and creative storytelling. To prepare for the modern workforce, RMIT, an Adobe Creative Campus, and Adobe are now equipping students with the skills needed to excel and succeed in the workforce. Job ad analysis through Burning Glass indicated that over 13.5k job postings required proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or graphic design capabilities.

New world, new skills

The digital economy is rich with new ways to connect, learn and grow. Digital technologies underpin an increasing number of industries, highlighting the need to provide students with the expertise needed to fulfil their potential and thrive.

Stat card: 13500 job postings in 2021/22 required proficiency in Adobe Photoshop of graphic design capabilities

Creative content is a powerful and essential communication medium in the digital economy. Thankfully, new tools and training are available to kickstart an individual’s journey to excel in creative capabilities and flourish in the workforce. Workers skilled in the art of digital creativity will have more career opportunities and bring new ways of expression and innovative thinking to their jobs.

The power of design

A report by McKinsey found that even before the pandemic, businesses that embraced design generated 32 percent more revenue. As personalisation and emotional connection become more important to consumer-brand relationships, companies are increasingly prioritising creative talent to enrich their message and keep up with the evolving landscape.

As students prepare to enter this environment, higher education institutions are playing a critical role in outfitting them with the skills and experience to succeed, and literacy in Adobe Creative Cloud tools is an important part of that.

Getting ready for the future of work

As an Adobe Creative Campus, RMIT students and teachers have access to individual subscriptions of Adobe Creative Cloud to foster digital literacy skills and innovation. Further strengthening the partnership, Adobe’s contribution to RMIT Online’s Digital Graphic Design course development consists of case studies and real-world expertise to show how design can be incorporated into the everyday functioning of a business. The courses will also allow students to enhance their proficiency in Creative Cloud, boosting confidence and capability.

Australia's future economic success depends on its ability to thrive in a digital-first economy. As digitisation increases, the significance of being able to create and comprehend design concepts grows. Organisations will exceed in the digital economy if they invest in upskilling digital skills.

Adobe is dedicated to supporting creativity for all. Creating equitable access to courses and platforms for students to learn and experiment will provide a critical steppingstone to preparing future leaders, kickstarting Australia’s digital economy, and stimulating new ways of innovation.

RMIT Online’s Digital Graphic Design course launched on 5 July 2022.