Better together: Zeplin integration for Adobe XD

Zeplin integration for Adobe XD.

With Zeplin for Adobe XD, you’ll handoff more than just specs. We’re an organized workspace to publish designs, where the entire team can collaborate to ship beautiful products together.

We know that designers and their teammates everywhere use Adobe XD to create products — and in 2018, the initial launch of our integration with Adobe XD confirmed that teams could make good use of this duo. With Zeplin, designers can publish finalized XD designs in an organized and structured workspace. Zeplin provides the source of truth for the entire team, including developers, product managers, copywriters and more.

Now, we’re thrilled that thousands of teams use the Zeplin integration every day. In fact, more than 1 million designs are published every month from Adobe XD to Zeplin for development. We want to make good on our promise to give XD users a seamless and reliable integration.

For example, after implementing an Adobe XD and Zeplin workflow, the team at Electrolux found that they saved almost a month of time per project while cutting out unnecessary back-and-forth and change requests. Let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of Zeplin and XD.

Cloud document support

Designers can easily export their design components directly from Adobe XD cloud documents — no more saving files to local. This simple drag and drop for the components you want to export to the “pasteboard” and publishing them to Zeplin using the “Plugins” tab enables a much easier workflow and saves you time.

Communicate design intention with user journeys

Flows is a fast, effortless way to create user flows in Zeplin. Designers can use Flows to connect screens in seconds and map complete user journeys. Developers gain clarity on the overall design and not just the happy path, but all possible paths and behaviors. Flows provides product teams a clearer understanding of how designs connect and a standardized source of truth into the end-to-end user journey.

Organize relationships between various screens

Screen Variants has been one of Zeplin’s most popular features. Designers can easily organize component and screen variants in an uncluttered workspace, allowing developers to toggle through variants. That means no more extra meetings to explain design variants, less guesswork, and more time to build.

Share a clean view of your designs

Stage Mode allows you to share your designs — without the specs — and receive feedback from team members or external clients in Zeplin. By hiding the specs and technical information, Stage Mode provides more clarity around designs between different functions, especially useful during design reviews.

“As part of the UX team, I've found the Zeplin for XD Plugin to be super helpful and a big performance improvement.”

- Patricia Lazaro, User Experience Designer at Samsung Research

The Zeplin plugin for XD provides many opportunities for us to help XD users bring their designs to life and make their design-to-development workflows a bit easier.

Join us at Adobe MAX 2022 Creativity Conference

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