Modernize your titles workflow in Premiere Pro

A title added to a video in Premiere Pro. Below, the title clip is visible on the Timeline. To the right, the design tools in the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro.

Creating titles in Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s time to say goodbye to the venerable Legacy Titler in Premiere Pro. Moving forward, you can create titles using the Essential Graphics tools, which offer all the capabilities of the old titler, along with several new ones, like saving and sharing templates, the ability to search and edit all of your titles in the Text panel, Adobe Font integration, and more.

Out with the old

The next major release of Premiere Pro (version 23.0) will no longer include the Legacy Titler. When you open an old project, Legacy Titles will automatically upgrade to Source Graphics in the project panel. Because Source Graphics use the new graphics engine, upgraded titles may look a bit different and require some fine-tuning. Some attributes won’t translate, but these can be recreated with the new tools. We’ve created a detailed guide for users who need assistance during this transition.

In with the new

We’ve been working hard to add modern, professional titling features over the last couple of years. In the last release we added several user-requested improvements to the graphics and titling toolset. For example, there is a new context menu for text and shapes, giving you fast access to the design tools: right click on a layer and choose Edit properties to open the Essential Graphics panel.

The context menu in Premiere Pro.

Now you have more controls for adding textures or other visual elements to text or shapes with Mask only Fill. With this box checked, the masked background layer is only applied to the fill areas, without impacting strokes (outlines) or shadows.

Use masks to create textures for text and shapes in Premiere Pro.

Use masks to create textures for text and shapes in Premiere Pro

The Text panel gives you a powerful tool for reviewing, searching, spellchecking, and bulk editing all the titles in your sequence. With the latest update, you also now have the option to export titles as a text file, so you can share titles as a document with your clients or colleagues.

Moving forward with Premiere Pro

We’re proud of the titling and graphics capabilities in Premiere Pro and we are continually working to refine these workflows. In Premiere Pro you can create titles from scratch, with beautiful typography, effects and animations, and even save your titles as customizable templates.

Access your own title and graphics templates right from the Essential Graphics panel and customize them on the timeline for a super-efficient workflow that ensures visual consistency. It’s easy to organize libraries by clients or project types — and share them with colleagues to keep everyone on the same page — and all your content on brand.

For even more power, you can use templates created in After Effects, bringing the incredible capabilities of After Effects onto the Timeline in Premiere Pro. And busy editors can always source professionally designed templates from the internet or right inside Premiere Pro

We loved the Legacy Titler and it served us well for many years, but all things must pass and building a better Premiere Pro means letting go of old code and harnessing the power and flexibility of modern tools.