Adobe kicks off Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Security analysts protect internet-connected systems with shield.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Visual Generation.

Each October, we look forward to celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM). This annual milestone is an opportunity to spotlight Adobe’s ongoing cybersecurity efforts as well as raise awareness among our employees about exciting new developments and best practices in the space.

We have a number of sessions lined up for our employees to hear from coworkers on tips and best practices, as well as other industry experts to share perspective. We have some informative and fun security programs for our employees to participate in that will help further education and awareness on cybersecurity tips, how to stay safe online, and #becybersmart.

This year’s events and activities will be hosted virtually for employees, and include:

Quote from Maarten Van Horenbeeck. Chief Security Officer, Adobe.

In addition to these ever-popular events, we’re expanding our security awareness efforts including a fun initiative we call, ‘Swipe Right on Cybersecurity,’ an interactive game for employees to test their skills in detecting suspicious activity.

We have a jam-packed schedule this October, but these educational awareness activities continue year-round for us. With the cybersecurity landscape continuously shifting and evolving, it’s important to keep employees engaged about the latest cybersecurity trends and reflect on what we can all do to keep enhancing security internally and among the broader industry.