Acrobat x Meta: Create documents and collaborate in an immersive environment

Woman looking at screens with Meta Quest or Quest Pro VR device.

Now you can view, collaborate, and work with PDFs in the metaverse — and this is just the beginning of a whole new way to do business from anywhere. Download the Adobe Acrobat app in the Meta Quest Store to access Acrobat right from your Meta Quest or Quest Pro VR device.

Image of Adobe Acrobat.

A new frontier of remote work and collaboration

Acrobat is opening the door to immersive document creation, sharing, and e-signing right from any Meta Quest device. Use the space all around you as your work surface and face your projects head-on when you install Acrobat for Meta Quest.

To get started:

1. Launch the Meta Quest Store and install the Adobe Acrobat app

2. Sign into the app with your existing Adobe Account or create an Adobe Account for free

3. Free users can upgrade or sign up for the free trial to access advanced tools and features

Image of Adobe Acrobat Non-Disclosure Agreement, PDF.

Acrobat everywhere

You can do almost everything with your Meta Quest headset and the Acrobat app that you can do with Acrobat online services in a web browser.

If you’re already an Acrobat user, your homepage will look familiar. If you’re not, it’s easy to get started with the intuitive Acrobat user interface. Create an Adobe Account and start the 7-day trial to unlock all the tools and features.

Image of Adobe Acrobat home page.

Once you’re logged into Acrobat, you can view recently opened documents and select a document from your home page to reveal your PDF tools in the right-hand pane. Open a document, zoom in on text, move around within a page, add a comment, or share with a link — just as you would with Acrobat online

Image of Adobe Acrobat your documents page.

Take your work into the metaverse

Use the #1 PDF app on the market while staying immersed in the VR experience. To learn more about this innovative release, watch the Meta Connect 2022 conference and tune into Adobe MAX.

Adobe and Meta have also collaborated to integrate the Adobe 3D modeler and a forthcoming collaborative review app directly into Meta’s Quest platform. Read more here.

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