More ways to explore 3D with Creative Cloud and the Substance 3D Collection

Art by Wes McDermott.

Image credit Wes McDermott.

This year at Adobe MAX, Substance 3D is expanding creative options for designers in new and surprisingly familiar ways. The Adobe Substance 3D Collection is a connected ecosystem of applications and content for creating, exploring, and delivering 3D designs, and now it’s more connected to Creative Cloud than ever before. Substance 3D materials in Photoshop and Illustrator make the creative process faster, more fun, and kind of magical. We’re also introducing the new Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, a new application to accelerate and simplify the process of creating and sharing ideas in 3D. And there are new tools and updates throughout the Substance 3D Collection, including the new 3D Capture tool in Substance 3D Sampler that lets you easily convert a series of pictures into a photorealistic 3D model. It’s never been easier to get started creating in 3D with Creative Cloud and the Substance 3D Collection.

Substance materials in Creative Cloud

Image of a yellow backpack using Substance

A great way to bring Substance into your creative workflow is to start with Substance materials inside Illustrator and Photoshop. Substance materials work much like 2D patterns but offer a much greater range of customization. These “smart” materials mimic their real-world counterparts and include a range natural surface textures such as wood, marble, stone, or organic materials. The parametric nature of Substance materials allows for non-destructive editing of surface properties and 3D lighting effects for each material layer. You can get started with a variety of Substance materials included in Illustrator and Photoshop, and by adding the Substance 3D Collection to your creative workflow, you can access 1000s of additional materials and models from Substance 3D Assets.

Sculpt in VR and on desktop with Substance 3D Modeler

Image using Substance 3D Modeler.

New at MAX is Substance 3D Modeler, an accessible new tool for shaping 3D designs as if working with virtual clay in an immersive VR environment. Modeler has been designed for artists and product designers looking to quickly explore concepts and represent their ideas in 3D. It offers a fun, fast and gestural 3D asset creation workflow with seamless switching between desktop computer and VR headset and controllers. Modeler can help at every stage of a project, whether creating concept art, prototyping product designs, or crafting detailed characters and props for game or film projects. While working in VR, artists can quickly build up the basics of their shape and work with 3D objects at real-world scale before switching to the desktop for more precise work, such as surface detailing. As part of the Substance 3D Collection, Modeler makes it easy to export work to Substance 3D Painter to add materials and textures, and then stage and render a design in Substance 3D Stager for review and feedback. Be sure to check out the brand-new Modeler at MAX 2022, it’s the most fun and accessible way to take an idea from concept to 3D model no matter what you are creating.

Image of a man wearing a VR headset.

Turn real-world objects into 3D models with Substance 3D Sampler

Image of 3D assets made using Substance 3D Sampler.

Substance 3D Sampler is introducing new ways to capture elements from the real world and bring them into a 3D creative space. Sampler already allows artists to take advantage of powerful AI-based tools to turn photographs into parametric 3D materials, and now we’re introducing the new 3D Capture photogrammetry tool for turning real-world objects into ready-to-use 3D models. Simply drag and drop a series of photos into the app and let Sampler extract the subject from its background and generate a 3D textured model. It’s a fast and handy way to generate 3D assets regardless of your skill level. Going from physical to 3D digital is now easier than ever, whether you are exploring concepts, creating amazing experiences, or publishing 3D models for retail or e-commerce. 3D Capture will be available soon in public beta, and you can see it in action live on the MAX 2022 floor at the 3D & Immersive booth.

Image of Substance 3D Sampler.

Regardless of your experience with 3D, there’s never been a better time to start exploring how 3D can change your creative workflows with the Substance 3D Collection. Start with Substance 3D materials in Photoshop and Illustrator, and then check out the new Substance 3D Modeler and the power of 3D Capture in Substance 3D Sampler. Have a great Adobe MAX!