Adobe Fresco Turns 3!

Adobe Fresco Illustration.

Artwork by Abigail Bixler.

Happy 3rd birthday to Adobe Fresco, our free focused drawing & painting application! Fresco was originally launched on iPad, in close collaboration with our partners at Apple and the non-profit organization, the Big Draw.

Collaboration is a huge part of how we’ve built Fresco — thanks to all the users who've provided such honest and valuable feedback on our roadmap over the past 3 years. Since our initial launch, we’ve been extremely busy releasing significant, regular monthly updates and delighting users, across platforms. Today, Fresco runs on iPad, iPhone and Windows. Accessing all your files across these surfaces is as simple as signing into the app — all of your full-resolution, editable, work, available wherever you are!

In Fresco, you’ll find an application obsessively focused on a drawing and painting experience that’s both powerful enough for professionals, yet easy enough for anyone to use. Some core aspects of Fresco: unlimited layers, infinitely scalable vectors, all the Adobe Photoshop brushes you could dream of, and the inimitable magic of Fresco’s Live brushes, which replicate watercolor and oil paint (only they’re erasable and can be rewetted). But from that core product, we went further…much, much further.

Some recent noteworthy additions:


Fresco's motion tools make it simple to add animation to your artwork. Innovative motion paths in Fresco make it easy to create multiple moving variations of anything you can draw! New capabilities include grow/shrink and sway.

Multicolor Swatches

Multi-color Swatches give the artist a unique ability to pull from a variety of colors and create one-of-a-kind brush strokes. This magical feature now has updated swatches which allow you to paint 3D strokes and lettering.

Artwork by Kyle T. Webster.

Artwork by Kyle T. Webster.

Free Transform & Liquify

We recently added familiar Photoshop tools: Free Transform & Liquify for making subtle or dramatic changes to your artwork. Free transform includes skew, distort and perspective.

Those are just some of the dozens of features, services, collaboration tools, workflow enhancements and improvements to Fresco, delivered free, month-after-month. In total, we’ve now released over 100 features in over two dozen releases!

However, it isn’t just a matter of doing many more things in more places, we’re proud to be developing Fresco with, and for our users, and you’ve rewarded us with 4.7 stars in the iOS App Store! 2022 also brought two big awards for Fresco, a Gold Stevie Award & PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice award! On behalf of the Fresco team, thank you for all of the love, it means so much!

Fresco has always been a FREE end-to-end drawing & painting system. Fresco’s premium version adds over a thousand additional brushes (including a ton of additional, unique brushes from our resident evangelist and one-man brush factory, Kyle Webster) — over a thousand additional Adobe Fonts — increases storage — adds the ability to easily create your own website with Adobe Portfolio & deeper integration with Photoshop CC.

Adobe Capture

Speaking of integration, the free iOS app, Adobe Capture can turn your live camera feed or any existing file (including those from Creative Cloud & Lightroom) into beautiful design assets, accessible in Libraries. For Fresco, this means access to harmonious colors, your own unique brushes and gorgeous patterns. These two apps play incredibly & increasingly well together.

Artwork by Wren Sauer.

Artwork by Wren Sauer.

So, what’s next?

Highlights from our 4.0 Fresco release include:

  1. A fresh set of pencil brushes, built for sketching
  2. Liquify is now available on iPhone!

Artwork by Kyle T. Webster.

Artwork by Kyle T. Webster.

Whether virtually or in-person, we hope to see you at Adobe MAX! If you haven’t played with Fresco yet or want to get reacquainted, you can download it here. If you want to try it on the latest iPad, you’ll find Fresco installed on demo devices, wherever iPads are sold!

For incredible artwork, tutorials, access to the Fresco team and the latest on new features and events, please follow us at and please be sure to tag your own work with #adobefresco, we love to see what you’re creating. We also have some wonderful tutorials here. Last, we’re very interested in your feedback, feature requests and suggestions — please share those with us here.

Happy Birthday, Fresco and thanks again to our growing family of users!