Exploring smart tools in Creative Cloud that speed you up

Images showing the use of smart tools in Creative Cloud.

You know the saying: work smarter, not harder. With the latest Adobe Creative Cloud releases, you can do that.

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  • Quickly select objects, people, and more in photos
  • Loop and twist objects together in designs
  • Remove imperfections with a click in photos
  • Turn real-world objects into 3D models

There are dozens of ways to get things done in Creative Cloud, and now there’s even faster ways to work, many of them thanks to artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei seamlessly integrated into your workflows. Tasks that used to take hours can be accomplished with just a few clicks, helping you to spend more time creating and less time on tedious, manual work.

Read on for all the new smart features announced at Adobe MAX 2022 in Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and more.

Quickly select objects, people, and more in photos

Masking in Lightroom makes it easy to select certain parts of a photo and apply targeted edits. For example, you might want to lighten up only the subject in your photo instead of lighting the entire photo. With the power of Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence, Lightroom automatically recognizes different elements in your photos, so you can select them and make targeted adjustments, bringing out the best in your photos with just a few clicks.

Creating New Mask in Lightroom.

Starting today, we’re introducing a few new AI-powered selection tools in Lightroom: Select Object and Select People.

Select Object and Select People join existing one-click masking tools like Select Subject and Select Sky to give you even more ways to make those targeted adjustments faster and easier. You can learn how to use Select Subject and Select Sky here.

Image showing Presets in Lightroom.

These automatic selection tools also power other easy-to-use tools, like presets. Presets apply settings to a photo, adjusting color, exposure, contrast and more. As you’re exploring presets, you’ll notice a few presets labeled Adaptive Presets that apply settings only to specific parts of a photo. Adaptive Presets use the automatic selection tools to select a specific part of your photo, like the subject, a person, or the sky, and apply settings only to that part of the photo. You can use Adaptive Presets to make a sky more dramatic, make a subject pop, and much more.

Loop and twist objects together in designs

Oftentimes, designers and illustrators want to create logos, lettering, icons, and graphics that are intricate and complex by nature. Overlapping objects in graphics has been difficult to do if you want to weave them through each other, often requiring those design areas to be broken to force together the right look.

Inage using Intertwine in Illustrator.

A new tool called Intertwine in Illustrator allows you to quickly create a relationship, add depth and dimension between two or more objects in a design. This gives you the ease and flexibility to arrange specific overlapping shapes or text over/under or front/back of each other, without sacrificing the composition of either graphic.

Remove imperfections with a click in photos

Fine-tuning photos by correcting imperfections in hard-to-navigate areas has long been a job for Creative Cloud apps. In earlier days, it was a painfully manual process at worst, time spent toggling at best, to remove a blemish that crossed over an object. Not anymore.

Content-Aware Remove in Lightroom is now the simplest way to remove blemishes and defects from an image, especially those that are in tough spots. Whether that’s a big object like removing a window on a building or taking care of hard-to-navigate blemishes like dust spots that cross the edge of a subject, Content-Aware Remove can handle it in an instant. All you have to do is click on a blemish and Lightroom will use Sensei’s artificial intelligence to automatically sample nearby areas in the image and blend it away. It’s like magic.

Image showin Content-Aware Remove in Lightroom.
Image showin Content-Aware Remove in Lightroom.

Turn real-world objects into 3D models

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Turning that inspiration into something tangible is always the challenge of creators, especially when it comes to the world of 3D modeling. Bringing a photo into a different dimension was a tall task in past times.

With Substance 3D Sampler’s new 3D Capture tool, you can capture objects in the real world and bring them into a 3D scene in just a few clicks. Substance’s artificial intelligence can transform a set of images into a 3D textured mesh that’s ready for you to use. This can be especially useful if you need to create 3D-rendered product shots.