Teaming with Wix and introducing the Adobe Express Embed SDK

Wix and Adobe Express.

With the explosion of visual communication and storytelling in all facets of life, businesses of all sizes need content that stands out. Solopreneurs and small business owners are particularly challenged in building their online brand and business in the crowded online space. However, they often lack time and experience with creative tools and resources that help inspire and enable them to create pro-quality results quickly and easily.

Adobe Express was built to address those needs, with tools to create all the assets a small business needs: logos, social content, videos, banners, ads, flyers and more. With thousands of professionally designed templates, plus Adobe Stock royalty-free photos, videos, audio, and design assets, Adobe Express provides these creators with quality templates and content to make beautiful content efficiently and confidently.

Today, we are announcing that we are teaming with Wix, a global leader in helping creators and businesses create, manage and grow their business online. Together we will explore opportunities to bring the best of Adobe Express and the Wix platform to both user bases. Wix users will be able to use the Wix Media Manager to polish their images for their web pages and through a seamless integration with Adobe Express, enhance the editing process by adding effects, animation, text, shapes, icons and more, right where they are already working.

“We are excited to collaborate with Adobe to explore ways in which we can enable our users to use Adobe Express capabilities to enhance the image editing process in our Wix Media Manager,” said Yaniv Vakrat, Chief Business Officer at Wix. “This demonstrates the combined power of the Wix platform and Adobe Express. Together we can help creators and businesses to build an even more design-enhanced online presence.”

These capabilities are made possible by Adobe’s new Express Embed SDK which is in beta. The Express Embed SDK is part of Adobe’s mission to make creativity possible wherever creators work, whether it’s an Adobe app or on other sites. The SDK includes both the Express Editor and quick actions, powered by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro that simplify common, complex creative tasks: resizing an image for social, removing a distracting background, or merging videos in just 1-2 clicks.

The SDK is both modular and flexible, so developers can choose the capabilities that best meet their user’s needs, with contextually relevant starting points for their solution — like the Wix Media Manager that serves as the hub for making web-worthy visual assets.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wix and explore opportunities to put additional creative tools and content Wix users need where they are already working,” said Govind Balakrishnan, SVP, Creative Cloud Services for Adobe. “Integrating Adobe Express capabilities in Wix’s Media Manager is a perfect example of how strategic partners like Wix can offer yet more opportunities for users to create standout content without having to go to another site. And it’s another step in Adobe’s mission to enable creativity wherever businesses of any size need it.”

Adobe has already integrated the Embed SDK’s creative capabilities into three of its most popular properties: Adobe Acrobat (desktop and web), Adobe Stock, and the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. Breakout EDU, an early partner and leader in the education gaming space, launched the editor to its students in September. And now Letter, an online tool for making eye-catching communications, is integrating both the Adobe Express editor and Adobe’s quick actions to enable their users to make their messages standout.

With this latest Wix news, the time for putting high-quality, easy-to-use tools, content and inspiration right where time-crunched creators and small businesses are already working is here.

To learn more about the Adobe Express Embed SDK and to join the beta, please visit our developer page.