Updated Creative Cloud helps you create with precision and speed and collaborate seamlessly

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Over the past few years, creative expression has become a widespread desire. From new social media platforms to our efforts to stand out in school, or at work through our ideas, creativity has become a vital skill for everyone. Our teams at Adobe are on a mission to outfit everyone to create.

The latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud, released today at Adobe MAX, includes innovations that support creativity for all.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in each of these categories.

Precision & superpowers


Photoshop’s updated Object Selection tool picks out complex objects and regions.

Photoshop: In Adobe Photoshop on the desktop, the newly updated Object Selection tool recognizes complex objects and regions such as the sky, buildings, water, plants, and streets. With these improvements, you can save time and get more precise selections, all while preserving hair details and edges. And in Photoshop on the Web, we’ve expanded the tools available for editing, compositing and retouching, including the ability to remove the background from a photo with one click.

Lightroom makes it easy to select individual people within your photo. Photo by Lisa Ngo.

Lightroom: Photographers can target specific parts of their images for editing much more easily with Lightroom’s Select People, Select Objects, and Select Background. With Select People, for instance, you can choose everyone in an image, or focus in on just one person. And to get really targeted, Adobe Lightroom will automatically select a person’s hair, eyes, lips, or eyebrows. If you have a distracting object in an image, Content-Aware Remove will quickly get rid of the object and fill in the space by generating more background. Your viewers will never know the object was there.


Intertwine in Illustrator makes it a breeze to wrap an illustration in and out of text or another illustration.

Illustrator: The new Intertwine feature in Illustrator makes it a breeze to wrap an illustration in and out of text or another illustration. Just circle an area and Intertwine will seamlessly move the illustration on top behind the object below it. Dealing with text is now much easier in Adobe Illustrator. For one thing, you’ll never have to struggle again setting up bulleted or numbered lists — Illustrator now supports them natively. Plus you can now copy and paste text from Adobe InDesign into Illustrator.


Auto Color in Premiere Pro automatically color corrects footage with just a click.

Premiere Pro: The video team has been rolling out new features and innovations throughout the year. One is Auto Color, which automatically color corrects footage with just a click. Of course, if you want to refine the corrections, you can still tweak the details until you’re satisfied. Ever had a piece of music that’s just a little too long for your video? Remix expertly adjusts the length of the music so it sounds like it was meant to end just when you need it to.


Photo Restoration Neural Filter (Beta) in Photoshop lets you clean up an old image with just a click.

Artificial Intelligence: We’re using the power of our Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence engine to make creative tasks faster and easier and give you new creative superpowers. In Photoshop, for instance, the Photo Restoration Neural Filter (Beta) does the formerly arduous task of fixing spots, tears, and faded colors in old photos in just one click. Adaptive Presets in Lightroom use AI to analyze a portrait, find the subject, and apply a style or enhance specific parts — whiten teeth, enhance eyes, darken eyebrows, etc. We’re also looking at innovative and responsible ways to integrate the new technology of Generative AI into Creative Cloud. This blog post has more details.


Substance 3D Modeler helps you create a model by using a virtual reality headset and a desktop to mold virtual clay.

3D & Immersive: 3D design is a better, faster, and cheaper way to create marketing assets like catalog and website images and to design new products. Plus, creating in 3D prepares you for the rise of immersive experiences like the metaverse. Our new application for making 3D objects and numerous improvements throughout the Substance 3D Collection make 3D design faster and more powerful.

Performance: We want our apps to work at the speed of your creative imagination and we’ve been laser-focused on improving performance and reliability throughout Creative Cloud. Among the specific improvements:

Speed & ease


Adobe Express is a great way for anyone to quickly make a poster, flyer, social media post, and more.

Adobe Express: Adobe Express, the web and mobile app we released last December, is the quickest and easiest way to make posters, flyers, social posts and more. Creative Cloud subscribers automatically get access to Express, and even creative pros will find Express to be the most efficient way to do lots of quick creative tasks. And it’s easy to set up your less tech savvy colleagues to create. You can use Express to make templates and set up a brand kit with approved logos, colors and fonts. That way, anything your co-workers make will fit your brand’s design guidelines.

We also previewed some amazing new capabilities coming to Adobe Express, including multimedia editing, real-time collaboration, new workflows between Express and Photoshop Web, and the ability to create unique text effects using generative AI.

Collaborative creativity


With Share for Review, you can get feedback on your project inside the application you’re working in.

Share for Review: With Share for Review (Beta), we’re replacing the antiquated ways that creators work with stakeholders (endlessly emailing or slacking files or screenshots and sorting through feedback across different channels) with a native “Share For Review” capability. Just click the blue Share button and you can share an online version of your project with anyone via a URL. Reviewers can see your work in any browser, make comments, and use pins, arrows and circles to make sure you know exactly what they’re talking about. And they don’t even need to log in! All that feedback flows right into the application you’re using so you can quickly address it or respond to get more details. Share for Review is available in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and will be throughout Creative Cloud soon.

Frame.io: Frame.io is the leading online platform for gathering feedback on video and we’ve integrated Frame.io directly into Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects so you can get frame-specific comments on your videos seamlessly. Frame.io’s Camera to Cloud functionality is the quickest way to get footage from the set into the hands of post-production and our new partnerships with RED and Fujifilm make that process even easier. Both will integrate the technology directly into select cameras, so you can transfer footage to the cloud as soon as you shoot it.

Figma: We recently announced our intention to acquire Figma, a highly collaborative, web-based product design and development platform. See more details here.

Content Authenticity Initiative: We also announced significant news about the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). The initiative, which Adobe founded three years ago, is developing open-source technology, available to all, that helps establish the provenance and attribution of a piece of content. People who create media can choose to add Content Credentials that show who made the content and how. Our vision is a world in which the vast majority of content has Content Credentials attached — and media that doesn’t, raises some questions. Today, we announced that two industry-leading camera manufacturers, Leica and Nikon, are implementing CAI technology in two cameras, making it easy for photographers to attach provenance information to their work.

We believe that adding provenance and attribution is a powerful solution to many of the challenges we face today. In the wild, wild west of NFTs, Content Credentials help prevent fraud by making it clear who actually created a piece of digital art — not just who minted it. And in the world of Generative AI, Content Credentials can help us show what was created by a human and what was made by a machine. As Generative AI becomes a bigger part of the creative process, that information will be essential.

What I’ve just covered is a lot, but it is by no means all the new features and innovations in Creative Cloud. So please download the latest versions of your favorite apps and take them for a spin — I know they’ll make your work more efficient, powerful and fun.

And I hope you join us at Adobe MAX through Oct. 20. For the first time since 2019, we’re live in Los Angeles. But you can also join online at Adobe.com and see our keynote presentations, the always amazing Sneaks from our research labs, and the wonderful breakout sessions, artist talks, and tutorials.