Adobe MAX highlights: Timesaving new features, the next generation of AI, and incredible sneaks from our Labs

Image of keynote speech at Adobe MAX.

From new features that will speed your work to a new breed of artificial intelligence that acts like a creative assistant and astounding sneak peeks from our Labs, this year’s Adobe MAX was filled with amazing innovations. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights.

Intertwine in Illustrator

Perhaps the biggest reaction in the keynote came when my colleague Danielle Morimoto showed off Intertwine, a new Adobe Illustrator feature that makes it super-simple to weave two illustrations together. This quick tutorial shows how easy Intertwine is to use.

With Intertwine in Illustrator, it’s simple to weave two illustrations together.

Generative AI in Photoshop and Lightroom

The next generation of Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine, will act like a creative assistant, suggesting approaches and images that will help you get to your creative goals faster. We showed how we see that playing out in Photoshop and Lightroom. In Photoshop, AI will suggest new layers and scenes that you can use to extend your composition. In Lightroom, AI will help you change a scene from day to night, change shadows, and more. To read more about how we’re committed to responsibly developing generative AI that empowers creative people, take a look at this post.

The next generation of AI in Photoshop and Lightroom will suggest new layers and scenes for a composition and help you change an image from day to night.

Adobe Express: The Creative Pro’s Secret Weapon

Designer extraordinaire Paul Trani showed the ways that Adobe Express, our web and mobile creative tool designed for speed and ease, can help creative professionals accelerate their work. Express helps video pros create quick and engaging thumbnail images, for instance. Express helps designers set up templates and brand kits that let their non-designer colleagues create social posts that always stay on brand. And Express makes it simple to schedule and publish social posts.

Adobe Express is a web and mobile creative tool that accelerates a creative pro’s work.

AI-Generated Text Effects in Express

Next-level AI in Express will give anyone the ability to create unique text effects that perfectly match your design. Just enter what you want — text made of electric cables or orchid petals, for instance — and the AI will give you numerous options to choose from.

Create unique text effects in Adobe Express through next-level AI.

Sneaks from our Labs

Every MAX, researchers from Adobe’s Labs show off their latest remarkable innovations, some of which will end up in our products soon. This year’s sneaks were particularly jaw-dropping.

With Project Motion Mix, you can apply the motion from a video to a still photograph with just a click. Clever Composites makes it simple to composite an object into a scene — the AI scales the object to the right size and adds the shadows that make it seem like it was there when the image was shot. With Instant Add, you can add text, backdrops and other elements to a video and have them react to the movement in your footage.

At Sneaks, our researchers show off some of the new technology we’re developing in our labs.

Project Magnetic Type not only firmly connects objects to type, but allows you to transfer elements of the object, like color, to the type it’s connected to. Artistic Scenes has the amazing ability to create a 3D scene from a two-dimensional image. With Project Vector Edge, you won’t have to spend time adjusting a vector illustration so it sits realistically on another surface — this technology automatically fits your vector on a surface or an intersection of multiple surfaces.

This year’s Sneaks includes innovations in dealing with text, creating 3D scenes, and using vector images for projects like packaging design.

Share for Review

Many creative projects today are collaborative, and our new Share for Review feature makes getting feedback from your stakeholders seamless and efficient. With Share for Review, you can invite anyone to take a look at your work and offer suggestions. Your reviewers don’t need a Creative Cloud subscription — in fact, they don’t even need to log in. And all their feedback flows right back into the application you’re using for your design. Share for Review is available now in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and is coming soon to the rest of Creative Cloud.

Share for Review makes it simple to get feedback from your colleagues right in the application you’re using to create a design.

Those are just a few highlights of the innovations we showed off at Adobe MAX. To see more about what we released, check out this post.