RSM Australia: Key takeaways on streamlining workflows with Adobe Acrobat Sign

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The rapid acceleration of digital transformation in recent years has shifted offline customer interactions and processes into digital experiences across entire businesses. However, globally, many businesses continue to battle with digitising their traditional processes.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the crucial keys to success in the digital journey is finding the right tools to streamline your document management process.

RSM Australia, a leading professional services firm, faced this challenge head-on. Before migrating to Adobe, RSM had separate PDF and e-signature platforms, which meant that data was easily lost or corrupted and was causing inefficiencies.

They needed a solution that could integrate with their cloud-based document management platform, iManage and Adobe Acrobat Sign was the perfect solution. The integration allowed RSM to streamline their document workflows, helping workers send documents for signature without ever leaving the iManage hub.

Statistic graphic: 85% of RSM's business will use iManage to send content using Adobe Acrobat Sign and bring the same documents back.

RSM’s ECM & Information Management Manager Mike Peters, shares the top considerations from their transition.

Prioritising a full digital document trail

It’s no secret that businesses want a digital document journey that is optimised for ease of use, efficiency, accuracy, and trust. When the different steps for document sharing and signing happen across multiple platforms, businesses lose time, revenue, and compromise customer security.

For RSM, integrating Adobe Acrobat and iManage together as the single platform for all digital document management allowed them to maintain a complete audit trail of original documents.

“Essentially, with Acrobat Sign, we had a full trail of what the original document was and what happened to it. If we wanted to track those things as evidence at some point later on, we now have all of that available with iManage,” says Mike.

This not only improves the efficiency of workflows, but also ensured the security of data.

Quote from RSM’s ECM & Information Management Manager Mike Peters: Within only 30 days of moving to Acrobat Sign across our divisions, we were able to process 6,000 e-signature transactions, with no additional operating costs.

Ask yourself: what will keep clients happy?

When it comes down to it, a brands digital experience should be built around their customers.

When RSM asked themselves what experience their customers would want, it was all about meeting the needs of a fast-paced digital world, where customers are looking to do things on the move.

“We value everything about our clients. So, we need to ensure that they know when we will deliver to them, that they are integral to the work we do for them,” Mike says.

With the integration of Adobe Acrobat Sign, RSM was able to offer their clients an easy e-signature process, where clients who have the Adobe Acrobat application on their phone can easily sign and accept the content RSM sends. This not only made collaborating with clients easier but also reduced the turnaround times for e-signatures to an average of just one or two days.

Infographic: 'RSM Australia is on track to process 70,000+ documents in a year.'

For the good of the customer and the planet

Beyond meeting customer expectations, modern businesses are equally motivated to have a positive social and environmental impact. According to Adobe’s Sustainability At Work report, over 56% of Australians agree that everyone should help drive sustainability in the workplace equally. The digital document process should therefore enable businesses to lean on technology to operate more sustainably and reduce society’s impact on the environment.

RSM, who had previously relied heavily on paper for most client services, knew that they wanted to lead on key issues like sustainability.

“One of the key things that we did was to develop our digital strategy into where we would like to go to the future,” says Mike.

Investing in the tools that empower their digital document workflows helped RSM Australia reduce its paper usage at a large scale. Within 30 days of implementing the new Acrobat Sign workflow, RSM completed 6,000 e-signature transactions, and are on track to process upwards of 70,000 business documents each year.

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