Prudential Financial collaborates with Adobe to deliver personalized financial experiences

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Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) & Marketo Engage, Prudential can quickly assess and personalize customer interactions, while Adobe Workfront and Adobe Creative Cloud help internal teams plan and create more effectively.

As a global financial services company with more than 50 million customers in over 50 countries, Prudential is driven by the vision to be a global leader in expanding access to investing, insurance, and retirement security. One way the company is achieving that goal is by relentlessly focusing on personalization through leading technology — technology that is creating better experiences and expanding access to financial security for a broader, more diverse range of customers.

These better experiences are based on a 360-degree view of Prudential customers as well as a deep understanding of their needs and behaviors. That insight comes from listening to and learning from them, and then using that continuous feedback to deliver technology, products, and services that help solve the financial challenges of our changing world.

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“The last year has seen remarkable market volatility and inflationary pressures — leading to the need for real-time financial advice and guidance more so now than ever,” said Susan Somersille Johnson, chief marketing officer, Prudential Financial. “Around 106 million Americans don’t have enough life insurance and 50 percent of Americans fear they won’t have enough money for retirement. It is the power of personalization through leading technology that will enable us to predict how and when they need us so that we can close those gaps and make lives better.”

Driving personalization at scale

One of the ways Adobe was able to help Prudential is through a collaboration known as the Prudential Personalization Platform. This platform, which utilizes Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) as the data foundation (as well as Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Marketo Engage), delivers AI-based technology and personalization at scale for consumers, advisors, investors, and employers. This is helping Prudential quickly find timely insights on customers’ evolving investment challenges and goals. Prudential is also utilizing Adobe Workfront and Adobe Creative Cloud internally to build an integrated, open-content, AI-powered platform that empowers creative personnel and marketers to better plan, create and deliver high-impact content beyond human scale.

First launched across the US and in Brazil and Japan, the Prudential Personalization Platform, powered by the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform — an application running on top of AEP — allows Prudential to deliver content that addresses specific customer needs. Prudential teams can quickly respond to changing customer needs and deliver relevant content by leveraging data insights and triggers. This is helping the company:

Additionally, by leveraging Marketo Engage, Prudential can manage an entire sales cycle from a single platform. This type of personalized content that targets individual accounts can drive lead generation, while lead scoring prioritizes the advisors that are most likely to do business. Marketo Engage’s AI-powered predictive analytics can also identify and proactively target accounts that may be at risk.

“More than half of consumers say they will stop purchasing from a brand that does not provide personal experiences they value,” said Somersille Johnson. “Personalized content and experiences build consumer trust. By using technology to make the financial journey personal and scalable, we can expand access to insurance, investments, and retirement for millions of customers no matter where they are in their life stage and journey.”

Optimizing the content supply chain

For many organizations, the content supply chain — the system of producing and delivering content that fuels effective customer experiences — is a web of disconnected workflows that often break down. Prudential is tackling this common problem by leveraging Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. These tools support the full content creation process, beginning with initial briefs and planning, progressing through review cycles, and continuing with last-minute polishing and edits:

“We’re personalizing experiences at scale so we can expand access to financial protection around the world,” Somersille Johnson said. “This is not only growing our brand but it’s also fueling revenue growth and achieving significant cost savings.”

Hear more from Susan Somersille Johnson about why personalization is a top priority at Prudential from the Adobe Summit 2023 mainstage — watch her keynote here. (jump to timestamp 1:39).

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