New Adobe Lightroom AI innovations empower everyone to edit like a pro

Ocean with mountains in the background.

Image credit: Kohki Yamaguchi.

Today, Adobe is unveiling new AI innovations in the Lightroom ecosystem — Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and Web — that make it easy to edit photos like a pro, so everyone can bring their creative visions to life wherever inspiration strikes. New Adobe Sensei AI-powered features empower intuitive editing and seamless workflows. Expanded adaptive presets and Masking categories for Select People make it easy to adjust fine details from the color of the sky to the texture of a person’s beard with a single click. Additionally, new features including Denoise and Curves in masking help you do more with less to save time and focus on getting the perfect shot.

All of the features are live now, so why not try them out at your next photo walk, family get-together or on your next big trip? The new enhancements, alongside Lightroom’s existing feature set that includes travel presets, help you capture your adventures this summer in a way you’ll be proud of.

Accelerate your workflows with AI-powered precision


(Lightroom for Mac/Windows, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw)

Never miss another photo opportunity because of poor lighting. With Lightroom’s latest advanced AI-powered feature, Denoise, you can remove digital noise from your images to improve quality without losing any details. This is especially useful when dealing with high ISO files in low light — for example when you’re taking a photo of the sunset at the beach, snapping evening shots of the city, or at a candle-lit birthday party.

This new feature is now available for RAW files, with additional file types coming soon.

For a deeper dive into how Denoise was built and how best to use it, see Denoise demystified.

Image of a goose.

With a single click, the Denoise AI removes almost all traces of noise in the image. Before and after photo by Katrin Eismann.

Curves in masking

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, ACR)

You can now create highly customized and precise edits by adjusting contrast, tone, and color on specific parts of your image with Curves in masking.

This combination provides fine control over tonality and color in specific regions of a photo to help you achieve the perfect look. Use this feature in a landscape photo that needs a specific part edited, for example, to bring out shadow detail, correct color, or add creative effects. Or refine a portrait by selectively adding warmth or brightening areas without impacting the overall exposure.

Image of water under a cliff.

Achieve the perfect tones for your edits: Adjust Curves for your local selections and apply color effects only to the part you want to change. Photo by Max Muench.

Additional AI Mask categories for Select People

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, ACR)

When we introduced Select People at last year’s Adobe MAX in October 2022, it made editing and retouching portraits easier than ever.

Now it’s possible to make precise edits to clothing and facial hair by automatically generating a mask for individuals or groups in any portrait. This means you can select clothes, such as a shirt, and change the color with minimal effort. Or select a beard in your photo and darken or adjust the texture.

Image of man with a red beard.

Retouching portraits with Lightroom is easier than ever, now requiring minimal effort. Our portfolio of AI Mask categories now also includes clothes and facial hair.

Enhance in the moment with ease

Additional adaptive presets for portraits

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, Android, Lightroom on Web)

Adaptive presets are an entirely new class of premium presets that we started rolling out last year. Building on the powerfully advanced capabilities of the AI masks, it’s now possible to apply presets which automatically enhance a particular part of the photo to add in final touches — the newest additions are Polished Portrait, Darken Beard, and Enhance Clothing. These presets allow you to access the power of AI masking with the ease of a single click or tap.

Polished Portrait enables you to quickly smooth the skin on portraits, enhance the lighting, and refine facial features to achieve the desired look. Or use Darken Beard to darken the facial hair of the model in your photo for a greater impact. Enhance Clothing, meanwhile, increases contrast, saturation and texture — useful when you want to highlight the details of an outfit — to optimize the definition and make your photos stand out more.

The new adaptive presets have been added to our existing library that already includes Enhance, Glamour, Whiten Teeth, and Texturize Hair to name a few.

Image of man with a beard.

Add in the final touches to enhance an entire portrait with a single click or tap with Polished Portrait and/or Darken Beard.

Image of man with a beard.

Before (left) and after (right) photo by Kelly Castro.

Black & white for video

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, iOS, Lightroom on Web, coming to Android soon)

Last year, we added support for video in Lightroom to enable you to use the same edit controls that you already use to make your photography shine with your videos as well.

Today, we’re adding the ability to make any videos black and white to help you achieve a sophisticated black and white look on video, reminiscent of classic film styles, with the tap of a button.

This new video feature is a great time-saver, as you can quickly apply the same black and white treatment to multiple video clips, which creates a cohesive look and feel.

Image of a girl holding a piece of fabric.

Black & White video in action, still photo from video by Marina Williams.

Masking features and Adaptive Presets on the web

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, Android, Lightroom on Web)

We are focused on delivering beloved features from the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom to the web. You can now access the power of AI masks on the web as well, starting with our selective adjustment tools.

AI Masking for both Select Subject, Sky and Background are now available in Lightroom on the web, which means that with one tap only you can detect and create an adaptive mask based on the contents of the image — without having to download an app or leave the browser.

We’re also releasing all of the adaptive presets you know and love for Lightroom on the web, including Whiten Teeth, Glamour, and the new portraits mentioned above so you can automatically apply preset enhancements to those areas of the photo.

Screenshot using adaptive presets.

Apply adaptive presets directly from Lightroom on the web, enabling you to adjust any part of your image without affecting the rest of it. Photo by Katrin Eismann.

Content Credentials (Tech Preview)

(Lightroom for Mac/Win)

The Content Credential feature, now available as a Tech Preview, helps you add proper attribution and creative transparency. When enabled, Content Credentials gathers an overview of edits, activity and attribution information associated with work you create in Lightroom. This verifiable metadata travels with your content wherever it goes.

Adobe launched the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) in 2019 to promote adoption of an open industry standard for content authenticity and provenance. In collaboration with creators, camera manufacturers, media and technology companies, the CAI community is developing an industry-wide attribution framework and features like Content Credentials to provide increased trust and transparency for digital content.

Additional features to try

Add border and share

We’ve recently introduced a feature that enables you to export a photo with a frame or border in Lightroom mobile.

This can create a unique effect that draws attention to your image or establishes visual consistency, which can be useful for branding purposes. Also, exporting with “Add border and share” enables you to format images to fit the most popular social media aspect ratios.

Travel presets

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, Android, Lightroom on Web)

Lightroom has 18 premium travel presets to help you turn your photos into something truly amazing.

These can be used to explore your creative possibilities and allow you to experiment with color combinations and editing techniques. The presets achieve professional-looking results with the tap of a button and are a great time-saver, applying multiple adjustments to a photo at once instead of having to adjust each element manually.

Image of boats in the water.

Apply travel presets directly from any Lightroom experience. Photo by Katrin Eismann.

Even more updates to enhance your experience

(Lightroom for Mac/Win)

We’ve made it even easier to copy and paste edit settings. Batch editing is now more discoverable in the detail view and grid view at the bottom, so you can copy and paste edit settings to several photos at once, which will boost your productivity.

Based on user feedback, we’ve also added the ability to turn tooltips off, which makes it great for demonstrating or teaching Lightroom.

Finally, we’ve added some performance improvements to our crop, scrolling, and pan and zoom functionality, which will make your experience of using Lightroom smoother and save you time, so you can focus on getting your photos just right.

Full description of new features

The latest releases of Lightroom are now available and can be downloaded via the Creative Cloud Desktop app. Updates to Lightroom mobile are rolling out globally starting today and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store, Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.

For more information on updates and improvements to each Lightroom product, please see the What’s New pages below: