Low-code, end-to-end e-signature workflow automation within Adobe Acrobat Sign

Contract created within Adobe Acrobat Sign.

E-signatures everywhere

Digital documents and e-signatures play an integral role in the digital transformation of business processes. Many documents, whether invoices, personnel records, contracts or any other document type include e-signatures. E-signatures are not only binding, trusted, and enforceable around the world, but also efficient and cost-effective. With Acrobat Sign, one can save 1.5 hours per use per transaction and $6 per transaction by reducing the amount of paper used.

Digital document workflows can be inefficient

Despite the digitization of business processes, there are still many manual steps involved. This presents an opportunity for e-signature document workflows to be optimized. For example – Pedro, an HR personnel relies heavily on manually sending documents while onboarding a new employee. This includes receiving signatures from multiple signatories and then scanning and uploading the completed offer letter.

Workflow automation can be expensive and for the IT experts

Though Pedro realizes that this process is repetitive and can be more efficient with automation, he needs approval for additional budget for workflow automation tools and will have to spend hours learning how to codify the rules and steps in the process to automate the new-hire onboarding workflow.

Introducing Acrobat Sign Workflow Automation integrated with Microsoft Power Automate

To empower businesses to automate repetitive pre- and post-sign workflows, Adobe is bringing Microsoft Power Automate and all its standard and premium connectors to every Acrobat enterprise Sign licensee at no additional cost.  This simple drag-and-drop system accessible through the Acrobat Sign web interface enables knowledge workers such as Pedro with no coding experience and IT professionals alike to set up automated and customized e-signature workflows in minutes. The ability to access entitlements to Microsoft Power Automate through the Acrobat Sign Enterprise license helps organizations free IT teams to work on other projects that deliver greater value to the organization and integrates disparate systems such as productivity, communication, and storage solutions through Microsoft Power Automate in Sign in a singular workflow.

Now with a few clicks, Pedro can create a reusable workflow that integrates with Pedro’s most used apps and automates the entire process of onboarding a new employee. Pedro picks one of the many pre-built workflow templates available that allows him to save an agreement signed in Acrobat Sign to a repository such as his Dropbox or Box or Google Drive. He can specify the folder path and the file name. Every time an offer letter is signed, it triggers this flow to run, automatically saving the file name with the new employee’s name and signing date as the file name in his Google Drive. Pedro can also integrate other applications into his workflow such as e-mail the signed document via an e-mail service to his manager or receive a notification via Slack or Microsoft Teams when a signature is completed.

Who is this for?

Organizations with an Acrobat Sign Enterprise license can start using this today in the web environment. If not a customer already, organizations can also sign up for an Acrobat Sign 30-day free trial to try this integration. There are no hidden costs to access all the Microsoft Power Automate premium and standard connectors with your Acrobat Sign Enterprise license. For users who have been using both Acrobat Sign and Microsoft Power Automate, this integration reduces context and application switching, improving productivity. For users like Pedro who have Acrobat Sign Enterprise licenses but have not automated Acrobat Sign workflows previously, this feature provides access to Microsoft Power Automate at no additional costs, including the ability to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Acrobat services.

Departments such as HR, procurement, legal, and finance and industries such as banking, retail, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare can all benefit from this integration without having to wait on their IT departments.

How to get started?

Admins can provision this for all of their end-users with Acrobat Sign Enterprise licenses. Users can then get started with entitlements and pre-built templates for workflows or create their own workflow through this low-code/no-code integration at no additional cost. As users navigate through Acrobat Sign’s Microsoft Power Automate Workflows section, they can learn more through embedded help videos.