Creative growth and stock photo success with the Zamurovic Brothers

Ice cream scoops against pastel pink background. Minimal summer food concept.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers.

How did two brothers from Serbia rise to the top of the stock photography world — and how do they stay there? For Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic, the secrets are hard work, collaboration, and an eagerness to always learn and change.

For two photographers in Serbia, every day is a fresh opportunity

Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic.

Image credit: Zamurovic Brothers.

The Zamurovic Brothers are two of the most popular creators on Adobe Stock. Colorful, whimsical, and rich in textures, their work transforms everyday objects into fun thought pieces. Unexpected juxtapositions bring a feeling of freshness and discovery to their photos. Picture a bottle of champagne overflowing with bubbly Christmas ornaments, or an ice cream cone exploding with confetti.

“When you connect things that are not ordinarily connected, you can produce some really stunning inspirations and images,” says Ivan. “Making these connections is a skill that you can develop, even if you think that you aren’t creative.”

Images created by Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers, Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers.

A lifelong passion for making images their own

The Zamurovics have always been fascinated with photographic images, and the exciting possibilities of manipulating them.

“We’ve spent our whole lives here in Serbia,” explains Bojan. “What drew us to photography was our father's passion for it. He did analog photography as a hobby. But our true love was born when digital photography was introduced. We had always loved games, Photoshop, and photo manipulation, so bringing both worlds together was a turning point for us.”

Success didn’t come to the Zamurovics overnight. They have persevered for years to develop their craft, evolving from amateur photographers and printers to wedding photographers, then full-time stock photographers and instructors.

“I was doing design work with printing,” adds Bojan. “I was trying to find comfort in designing stuff that we print, but there was no profit, and it was hard to express ourselves. The transition from running a printing house to wedding photography was huge because we realized we could make living with the camera.”

Bringing twice the creativity to projects

After working hard to develop a vast portfolio of images, the many hours of hard work began to pay off. After creating approximately 1,000 images, they were able to shutter their old company, and rely on their stock images to generate a good income on a regular basis.

“We created our initial images over several months, and that’s really what you need at the beginning,” says Ivan. “It’s about having a desire for success and the motivation to work every day, even though you don’t see a profit yet.”

“It’s like an investment,” adds Bojan.

Working as a team of two has given Ivan and Bojan some unique advantages. Both brothers play off one another’s strengths and reassure one another to bring new perspectives to creative challenges.

Images created by Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers, Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers.

“We're best friends, and we understand each other very well,” says Bojan. “In some ways, I know Ivan maybe better than he knows himself. I know when he's unsatisfied, and I try to try to make it better for him. He does some things better than me and I do some things better than him. Together, the two of us make one good photographer.”

“We can always support and help one another, and learn from each other,” adds Ivan.

Part of the key to success is understanding one another’s strengths and using their differences as an advantage.

“In many ways, Ivan is the brains in trend spotting and creative thinking,” says Bojan. “He’s much better at composition and in the use of lighting, as well as software editing.”

Capturing viewers and building an audience

Simple concepts and a fun, irreverent tone is a big part of what makes the brothers’ work so appealing.

“When we think of ideas, we try to make it as simple as possible,” says Bojan. “The composition is simple, the colors are simple, and the objects that we use are simple.”

Simplicity is not just an aesthetic choice, but a practical one. In a time when attention spans are short, the Zamurovics know that they need to connect with their audience fast — before viewers move on to something else.

“Minimalism is the key when you're trying to reach people in a millisecond, and you don't have time to explain,” says Ivan.

Images created by Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers, Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers.

It’s time for positivity

The brothers’ work is not only light and simple, but generally upbeat, making it commercially appealing in a world where people are looking to escape everyday cares and concerns.

“Optimistic images and a happy feeling are what most of the buyers on the stock sites want,” says Ivan. “We’ve found opportunities to express that through things like pastel colors and neon stripes.”

Image created by Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/ Zamurovic Brothers.

When everything is changing, embrace the new

For the Zamurovics, the only threat to their continued success is complacency. They continually remind themselves of the need to stay on top of changing trends, new social media, and fresh perspectives.

“We were in a safe bubble, and it is really challenging to always push the envelope and reach for the unknown side,” says Ivan. “If you feel comfortable, that means that you're not doing enough. New photographers and trends are always coming up, and we can’t be repeating ourselves. We must embrace the change, and learn how to evolve with trends,” says Ivan.

“You cannot be stuck in some kind of style and say, ‘that is my style, and I'm not moving,’” says Bojan. “Because if you're not moving, you're left behind.”

What's next for Ivan and Bojan? One thing is certain: the work will be a step forward compared to what they’ve done before.

“We’re always looking to beat ourselves at our own game, and be better than we were yesterday,” says Ivan.

“We see Adobe much like ourselves: following new trends, and always experimenting,” adds Bojan. “Their objective is to be the best in the business, and we don't see that in other stock agencies.”

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