Graphic design your wildest dreams at Adobe MAX

Image of Adobe MAX keynote speaker.

Whether you’re an established designer or just getting started, when it comes to design, there are always new features to explore and skills to learn. Attending sessions in this track will give you the opportunity to take your content to the next level. With everything from graphics, logos, icons, photo manipulation, 3D publication, and data visualization, you name it, we have it.

You’ll be able to hear from graphic design thought leaders and changemakers to inspire you, shift the way you approach design, and give you the tools to create anything you can imagine. Along the way, you’ll also meet marketers, artists, and design students who are creating the same dazzling designs you are, across multiple disciplines including digital, web, print, 3D, publication, brand identity and more.

If you’re interested in or specialize in the following, these sessions are for you:

Here are five must-attend sessions from this track to consider adding to your schedule once you’ve registered:

What’s New in Illustrator (S6319)

The latest Illustrator features are all about designing/working smarter not harder. Hear directly from Illustrator team members Sanjit Samanta, Sr. product manager and Illustrator at Adobe, and Sarah Kuehnle, Staff experience designer and illustrator at Adobe, as they demo new features and enhancements that will change the way you approach all future content you create.

In this unparalleled 60-minute session, you’ll:

Text Styling Magic in InDesign (S6324)

It’s time to level up your text game in InDesign with a big ol’ dash of style magic. In this session, speaker, trainer, and writer Erica Gamet will demonstrate the ins and outs of quick add text formatting and character and paragraph style automation. Spend more time styling and less time formatting — InDesign will make sure your formatting preferences will be applied consistently and accurately throughout your documents.

Topics covered in this 60-minute session will include:

What’s New In Photoshop (S6309)

Note: Great for all skill levels.

Bring your “A” game to every new project with the latest features and updates in the Photoshop ecosystem. Work smarter and faster on desktop, iPad, and on the web. Join Photoshop senior product manager Meredith Payne Stotzner as she takes you through new creative features, workflow improvements, and performance enhancements. Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey into the world of Photoshop, where the sparks of innovation and productivity ignite imagination and creativity. Let’s dive in!

As Meredith shares the latest features in Photoshop during this 60-minute session, you’ll discover:

Using Variable Fonts in Your Design Workflow (S6327)

Buckle up, because Adobe Fonts’ latest innovation is taking the type world by storm. Variable fonts, one of the latest innovations in type, are now available from Adobe Fonts. Curious how this new font technology can improve your design workflow? Or just want to know what variable fonts are and how they work? Join Kamilé Demir, a computer scientist with the Adobe Fonts and Type team, to discover how variable fonts can take your designs to the next level.

In the course of this 60-minute session, you’ll learn:

Streamline Your Workflows with Photoshop and Adobe Express (S6312)

Get ready to explore the dynamic duo of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express. A perfect session for beginners, this in-depth session dives into the latest features of these powerful tools and shows you how they can revolutionize your creative process, save you time, and streamline your workflows. By the conclusion of the session, you’ll be impressed with the amount of new knowledge and skills you’ve picked up.

When you attend this 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

Unlock your design potential and grow your creative and digital skills when you register for Adobe MAX this October 10-12.