JeeIn Youn democratizes business knowledge with a content business powered by Adobe Acrobat

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When JeeIn Youn was a sophomore studying business at Wheaton College in Illinois, she was selected as part of an exclusive mentorship program to learn more about potential business careers. She was surprised to find out that more than half of the mentors started their careers as consultants.

“It sparked the idea that I should look into consulting as a career,” says Youn. “At its core, consulting is about solving a variety of business problems for clients. And as someone who loves solving problems, the career seemed perfect for me.”

The problem arose when Youn tried to dig deeper into the consulting industry to learn more. What exactly do consultants do? What do their days look like? What skills do they need? Much of that information, she felt, was unavailable to her. She vowed that if she ever became a consultant, she would do her part to share information freely.

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Years later, Youn is a successful consultant at Slalom Consulting in Chicago. She uses this experience to power her second career as a content creator and business owner. Through more than 100,000 followers primarily across TikTok and Instagram, she empowers young business professionals by sharing the information about consulting that she wanted as a student.

“My goal has always been to democratize what is traditionally a gate-kept industry,” says Youn. “By following my instincts, I’ve managed to turn my social media presence into a successful business.”

Removing the mystery from consulting

For Youn, one of the best things about working in consulting is the flexibility. Youn has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, each with a different problem that they need to solve. She has to broaden her thinking to help companies develop strategy, manage projects, and drive change.

“I could never see myself doing the same job every day,” says Youn. “It’s why I love consulting, and it’s also why I decided to pick up content creation. It’s so much fun to try new things and constantly find new ways to interact with followers on social.”

Youn’s social content pulls back the veil from consulting. Some of her most popular posts are simple day-in-the-life videos where she aims to show an authentic view of her life as a consultant. Other videos focus on valuable tips and tricks, especially for students and young businesspeople, such as getting the most out of networking connections or creating an effective job application.

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Building a business with Adobe Acrobat

As Youn’s social channels grew, agencies started approaching her with opportunities for sponsorship and advertising partnerships. Every sponsored video is often the result of months of collaboration between agencies and partners. Youn needs to negotiate and sign contracts, as well as share ideas for videos that communicate a company’s message while maintaining her authentic voice.

Trying to keep track of all contracts, documents, and communications is no easy task. Looking at this challenge with the eyes of a consultant, Youn knew that the solution was having a consistent methodology and workflow for contracts and other documentation. She chose Adobe Acrobat as her solution for managing, sharing, reviewing, and signing documents.

“Adobe Acrobat is truly the best all-in-one tool for conducting business and keeping myself organized,” says Youn. “Plus, I love how reliable it is. I’m not a security expert, but I trust in the Adobe brand to help me keep documents secure.”

With Acrobat, Youn now handles all contracts as PDF documents. She can read through contracts, edit, and sign with a click on any device, whether she’s working on her laptop or reviewing work on her phone in an Uber. Signing and returning documents is so fast and easy that Youn returns contracts over 70 percent faster.

Working through ideas for a video can take a lot of back and forth, often involving 50 emails over the course of several months. When Youn uses Acrobat to share a video proposal for review, all stakeholders can use commenting tools to add feedback and ideas to a PDF document. This keeps all notes in one location, making it much easier for Youn to make sure that she incorporates all ideas into her sponsored videos.

“I would be lost without comment tools,” says Youn. “I love how Adobe Acrobat is so powerful, but also simple and clean. Everything is right where I need it, so I can focus on what I need to do — whether it’s reviewing a contract or brainstorming a creative way to work with a partner.”

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One of the next generation of business leaders

Youn continues to expand her talents in new directions, such as cofounding The Girls’ Club Chicago, an organization aimed at connecting young businesswomen and entrepreneurs in the Chicago area. One day, she hopes to lead her own company and support cutting-edge ideas that can change the world.

“If someone asked for my professional opinion of what tools they needed to handle their documents, I would recommend Adobe Acrobat,” says Youn. “It does the job of multiple applications and processes, giving you one place for all of your documentation needs. I couldn’t do it all without Adobe.”

Learn more about what Adobe Acrobat can do and follow JeeIn Youn’s social media accounts from her website.