How Adobe Acrobat supports Showpo in building a global fashion empire

Showpo CEO Jane Lu on laptop surrounded by fabric samples

From starting with some clothes on a shelf in a garage, to growing into one of Australia’s leading online fashion retailers, embracing technology and digital tools has been a part of Showpo’s fabric since the beginning.

From streamlining processes to empowering team collaboration, Adobe Acrobat Pro has played a crucial role in Showpo’s global expansion, ensuring they never miss a deadline and the latest trends.

Focused on fashion, not admin

Jane Lu, Founder and CEO of Showpo, is always looking for ways to reduce the time spent on “all the boring stuff no one wants to do”, so that more time can be spent designing clothes and growing the brand.

Adobe Acrobat, particularly Adobe Sign, has streamlined the back-and-forth required in the contracting process.

Negotiating and establishing business partnerships often involves extensive paperwork and document handling. Previously, this negotiation stage involved a lot of printing, signing, scanning, and repeating. Now with Adobe Acrobat, “the process is just simple,” says Jane.

Quote from Showpo CEO Jane Lu: "We hire in great talent to do what they want and what they're good at, not to do admin. Acrobat has helped us to streamline those processes, and free up people's time, so you don't get bogged down in the admin."

With the Showpo team spread across different locations, from the office to the warehouse or working from home, Adobe Acrobat means that documents can be processed quickly and from anywhere.

“Because I’m always on the go, I could be at the office, working from home, at the warehouse, picking the kids up. Having Acrobat on my phone allows me to do whatever I need from wherever I need to,” says Jane.

Collaborating on a runway of ideas

Collaboration is at the heart of Showpo’s creative process. Commenting and editing features in Adobe Acrobat ensures a fluid exchange of ideas and a unified vision from all team members.

A big part of Showpo’s day-to-day is designing digital lookbooks for their products and campaigns. Adobe Acrobat's real-time commenting allows team members to provide instant feedback, make edits, and leave suggestions directly in the lookbook.

Quote from Showpo CEO Jane Lu, "There are so many people involved - graphic designers, the head of creative, the product team, the buying team - there’s so many opinions and moving parts. Acrobat allows us to collaborate seamlessly on it."

The ability to collaborate in real time also ensures that all team members are on the same page, literally and figuratively. Any changes or comments made by one team member are immediately visible to others, allowing for a seamless flow of communication.

By staying ahead of the curve and embracing tools like Adobe Acrobat, Showpo has been able to optimise their operations, streamline processes, and create a strong foundation for collaboration.

Showpo uses the electronic signature solution and PDF editing of Adobe Acrobat. Learn more here.