Revolutionizing graphic design: Try out the latest innovative Adobe Illustrator features

Since we announced the arrival of generative AI in Adobe Illustrator, you’ve amazed and inspired us with how you’ve used Generative Recolor. Now we’re taking it a step further with the first incarnation of another innovative generative AI feature that will be a true game changer for the realization of your creative vision.

As of today, you’re able to use Text to Vector Graphic (beta) in Illustrator on the desktop to generate vector graphics — quickly and easily — from a simple text prompt. This is the beginning of a journey to deliver stunning vector graphics, enhanced by generative AI, and empower creative workflows.

We are also announcing two other new cutting-edge features and introducing a new way for you to access Illustrator directly in your browser. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Introducing Text to Vector Graphic (beta)

Text to Vector Graphic (beta), powered by Adobe Firefly, brings together Adobe’s vector graphic and generative AI expertise to inspire the next generation of high-quality designs and illustrations. The groundbreaking new feature enables you to create a wide array of professional vectors — including icons, scenes, subjects, and patterns — in a magical new way, all with a simple text prompt.

Save time with Text to Vector Graphic (beta) to jumpstart your next project or enhance your work with new graphics that perfectly match the style of your existing design. Use everyday language to describe a theme or visual and see it quickly come alive on your artboard.

Image of Donus created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.
Image of orange astronaut cat created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.
Image of tiger created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.

This is an exciting new way to progress from ideation and brainstorming to design exploration.

Vectors are fully editable and scalable, compact, and organized into groups, which enables easy reuse. The vector model was trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content where the copyright has expired, and can generate high-quality vector output that’s specialized in scenes, subjects, icons, and patterns that offer unparalleled versatility.

Key highlights of Text to Vector Graphic (beta) include:

When you use Text to Vector Graphic (beta), you can also take advantage of other generative AI tools such as Generative Recolor, to experiment with multiple color combinations — all with simple text prompts as well. This means you can keep adding onto or editing your vector graphics to take your design further with generative AI.

Illustrator will automatically append Content Credentials to files generated using Text to Vector Graphic (beta) and exported as .JPG, .PNG, SVG, or "Save as", so you know when an image was created or edited in Illustrator leveraging Firefly's generative AI technology. Also, newly generated content is created in a new layer, which allows you to explore creative ideas and reverse effects when you change your mind without damaging the original artwork.

Text to Vector Graphic (beta) helps spark your imagination and speeds up your workflow. Here are just a couple of examples of how the new generative AI feature can help you in your day-to-day work:

Quickly turn around marketing and advertising graphics

Text to Vector Graphic (beta) enables you to quickly create fully editable assets for high-fidelity marketing and advertising materials (for example: social ads, banners, brochures, posters, and trade show signage) from a simple text prompt. You can also base the vector graphics you generate on an existing artwork, like a logo, which gives you a headstart on creating marketing materials that have a consistent look and feel to the brand you’re working with.

Find inspiration and create mood boards for brand graphics

Text to Vector Graphic (beta) speeds up your workflow as you can explore multiple variations of logos and brand assets to share with clients and stakeholders in Illustrator. Quickly build out various brand identities (different versions of a logo or examples of product packaging), or use existing artwork to create new variations with a similar look and feel.

Update Illustrator today to try out Text to Vector Graphic (beta) yourself, or you can experiment with it, and all of Firefly’s capabilities, on Generative AI will evolve based on your feedback, so make sure you share what you think with us and also post what you’ve created.

All Firefly-powered features are available in more than 100 languages. Simply enter prompts in your language of choice and see what you can create in seconds.

Disclaimer: Text to Vector Graphic (beta) is available to all Creative Cloud members with a subscription or trial that includes Illustrator.

What else is new in Illustrator

In addition to Text to Vector Graphic (beta), we’re also introducing two new innovative tools that will speed up workflows in Illustrator Desktop:

Retype (beta)

With Retype (beta) you can quickly turn static rasterized text or outlines that you bring into Illustrator into editable text by identifying similar fonts on Adobe Fonts — no more sifting through thousands of fonts trying to find the one that matches your design!

Illustration created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator. Before

Use Retype (beta) to identify font.

Illustration created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.

Use Retype (beta) to use matched Adobe Font.

Illustration created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.


Mockup (beta)

With Mockup (beta) you can quickly and easily preview “real-life” application mockups of your graphics directly in Illustrator. Use curated Adobe Stock content or bring in your own image, and explore what your designs would look like on a t-shirt, product packaging, or signage. The vector graphic auto-adjusts onto the image in a non-destructive way.

Image of a brown box created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.
Image of a brown box with an orange label created using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator.

… and we’re also growing the Illustrator ecosystem to make it more accessible than ever:

Illustrator on the web (beta)

You can now access Illustrator directly in your browser, no download required!

The modernized and streamlined interface makes essential tools more quickly available online, and the new Contextual Task Bar provides the most relevant next actions for the object you select, ensuring your focus stays right where you want it.

This means you can continue to design with precision and control on the web as you grow your design skills, while creating scalable logos, graphics, and art that you’re passionate about.

Generative AI is your own trusted creative assistant

Try all the new features, including Text to Vector Graphic (beta), and experiment with them in your workflow by updating Illustrator to the latest version today. Push the boundaries of your creativity and dream bigger with generative AI.