Adobe Stock 2024 creative trends forecast: Innovation and inspiration

Abstract image of pink and blue wave.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Vink Fan.

As we head into a new year, the creative landscape mirrors our disruptive, rapidly changing world. In this environment of constant transformation, consumers are looking to balance new and old, speed and sustainability, excitement and respite. We see this phenomenon playing out in trends bringing together 2D and 3D worlds, and in the popularity of both fantastical AI-generated visuals and simple, beautiful images that create a sense of wonder.

Our team works year-round to research emerging creative styles, consumer patterns, technology advancements, and stock buyer data. We’re committed to identifying the key creative trends our customers need to know so they can produce campaigns and communications that really connect with their audiences.

Collage of images from the creative trends for 2024.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/mego-studio, Adobe Stock/ Gemma can fly/Stocksy, Adobe Stock/ Михаил Богданов.

Calming Rhythms

For many years, the term “wellness” was only used in conjunction with physical health. With the increasing velocity of change and challenges, however, people began to regard mental and emotional health as essential to the wellbeing of individuals and societies. As people look to improve their emotional balance, brands and organizations of all kinds are supporting them by incorporating fluid, flowing, and relaxing visuals that soothe the senses in workplaces, retail spaces, social channels, and more.

The Calming Rhythms creative trend encapsulates this effort. Visuals can vary from simple abstract and repetitive backgrounds to gently shifting forms that are often set to soothing sounds and music. Particularly popular are video clips and design assets that create graphic silhouettes, or that catch the light in interesting ways.

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Image of two woman laying on the grass from the Calming Rhythms trend.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Teri Hofford.

Wonder and Joy

In today’s challenging macroeconomic environment, people are looking for experiences that inspire profound and positive emotions. They’re prioritizing health and focusing on personal connections in order to cope with difficulties and feel happier about their lives.

Image of a cat jumping in the air from the Wonder and Joy trend.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Kishore Newton.

Wonder and Joy visuals evoke the sense of awe and enchantment people seek. They reflect everything from the everyday pleasure of listening to music or spending time with pets to full-blown luxury travel experiences. And they can be everything from simple illustrations to AI-generated fantasy environments.

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Collage of images from the Wonder and Joy trend.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Igor Link, Adobe Stock/Oleksandr, Adobe Stock/mego-studio.

Dynamic Dimensions

The Dynamic Dimensions trend is one where wildly diverse types of content come together to create playful, high-energy, big-impact visuals. It’s all thanks to the multiverse, gaming, VR, and AR — environments where different media, styles, and dimensions comfortably coexist.

In Dynamic Dimensions visuals, 2D and 3D elements mingle and merge along with motion, special effects, and illustrations. The results are modern and futuristic looks that inspire feelings of limitless possibility.

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Collage of images from Dynamic Dimensions trends.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Qstock, Adobe Stock/ Juan Moyano/Stocksy.

The New Nostalgia

With social and cultural shifts moving us forward so quickly, consumers are becoming more interested in visuals that present the past as they associate these styles with simpler times. A recent fascination with styles and tech from the 90s and aughts has evolved into a deep dive into all eras. Gen Z is leading the way, partly in an effort to inhabit a world before smartphones and social media dominated daily life.

Image of two people smiling from The New Nostalgia trend.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ Haydiddle.

New Nostalgia encapsulates the ways that people are crafting contemporary interpretations of vintage looks and lifestyles. They’re taking plenty of creative license, particularly with hyper-realistic renderings made with generative AI.

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