Jac George finds inspiration in the world around her

New Zealand motion graphics creator Jac George.

New Zealand motion graphics creator is an artist in continual motion

For Jac George, a motion graphics creator for Adobe Stock, inspiration can strike just about anywhere, at any time.

“My creative process starts with coffee, then maybe a walk,” she says. “I think inspiration can come from so many different places. I like capturing things and then altering them. Sometimes I'll see something static, and I can kind of just imagine how that could be animated. It’s a bit addictive!”

George grew up in Gisborne, a small town in New Zealand. Like many animators, she started her career with a focus on photography and graphic design, before taking a creative leap to bring her images to life. Today, working from her studio in Auckland, she specializes in sharing captivating stories and visuals through film, editing, and motion graphics.

“I sort of went from photography to graphic design and then, after a few years, I got interested in making things move and animate,” she says. “I'm drawn to tactile things and natural materials. When I look back, even my photography was sort of that style: quite moody, with a softness to it.”

Graphic of a girl and the word PRISM created by New Zealand motion graphics creator Jac George.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ JacGeorge Media.

Graphic saying" Beautiful, celebration titles with embellishment options" created by New Zealand motion graphics creator Jac George.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock/ JacGeorge Media.

To go from static to striking, just add motion

George is especially passionate about creating motion graphic templates for use in Adobe Premiere Pro. As her expertise and vision have developed, she has found it a natural process to go from producing traditional still images and illustrations to dynamic content that leaps off the screen.

“I see motion design as quite a great extension and progression from graphic design — it draws on a lot of the same skills,” she explains.

George creates a variety of motion graphics templates, such as short sequences or titles, as well as transitions. Then, users can simply import her work into Adobe Premiere Pro, drag and drop it into their timeline, and provide their own title text and other content. The end result is professional-looking projects that are accessible to any content creator, regardless of their budget or expertise.

“The motion graphics template gives editors the ability to be able to use professional animated titles in their work without having to have knowledge of tools like Adobe After Effects in order to go and build them themselves,” says George. “It could be high-end editors with a big budget, or it could be the DIY people that just want to create their own promos.”

Templates for any customer, project, or occasion

Along with her motion templates, George has also developed a vast array of video and motion graphics clips. Showcasing her keen eye for precision, vivid colors, and cultural diversity, her work reflects an eclectic array of topics. Take a look at her recent portfolio, and you’ll find that it encompasses everything from study abroad programs to makeup tips, sports, sustainability, and recipes for lemon curd. Partnering with Adobe Stock has given George an opportunity to go wherever her imagination takes her.

“Adobe Stock has given me a space to create and take the time to really hone my skills as a motion designer,” she says. “I've got so many more projects on the go, and new templates coming out. I’ve aways got lots of ideas and lots of different areas I want to explore. It's my happy place, so I'm just going to keep on creating.”

A valuable partnership in Adobe

Along with technical resources and support, George values the exposure that Adobe provides, enabling her to find her audience and effectively monetize her work.

“I'm really lucky, and I've been well supported by the community of people that buys my things,” she says.

For Jac George, her chosen career path is not only a way to earn income, but an ongoing journey in personal development. It’s not surprising that she has learned some valuable tips from other creators along the way.

“I’ve found that the most important thing is turning up every day and creating, blocking out that time, and being consistent,” she says. “I think success comes over time with consistency.”

In addition to recommending a strong, steady work ethic, George also reminds young creatives to remember the source of their artistic inspiration, and not to be afraid to experiment and learn their craft.

“To my younger self, I would say to follow your passions,” she adds. “You want to be doing something you enjoy, and don't expect to be awesome at the beginning; it takes a lot of time — which is great. It's part of the journey.”

Explore the full breadth of Jac George’s portfolio on Adobe Stock. Feeling inspired? Head to our Adobe Stock Contributor page to sign up and upload your photos, videos, and more to the collection.